Gaiwan Chinese Green Tea Cup Set

Gaiwan Chinese Green Tea Cup Set

Gaiwan Chinese Green Tea Cup Set

Traditional white bone china teacup, lid and saucer specifically designed for Green Tea.



Gaiwan Chinese Green Tea Cup Set
Chinese Green Tea Cup Set
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Gaiwan Chinese Green Tea Cup Set

These green tea cups are based on the traditional Gaiwan Chinese design.

The Gaiwan can be used as a tiny teapot or you can drink directly from the cup.

Brewing a delicious cup of tea in a Gaiwan

Simply add one fairly flat teaspoonful of loose leaf tea to the cup and pour over the water. For green tea, white tea and green oolong use water at 80 deg C. If you don’t have a thermometer just let the water stand for 20 seconds after boiling before pouring over the tea leaves. Allow to brew for around 2 minutes depending on your preference.

When drinking from the cup or using it to pour into smaller cups this is how to use the Gaiwan. Hold the saucer with the fingers of the right hand and rest your thumb on the edge of the bowl. Use your left hand to hold the lid, which is used to hold back  the tea leaves before drinking.

Please be careful as both the cup and tea is likely to be hot!