Electronic Tea Timer
Electronic Tea Timer
Our simple electronis tea timer Ideal for brewing your perfect cup of tea

A tea infuser is a device which helps to brew loose leaf teas expertly. It performs the same function as a teabag because it allows the flavour of the tea to be extracted without pieces of the tea leaves spilling into the water. Tea infusers can also be used again and again, unlike most tea bags, which are single-use. A good quality tea infuser will allow premium tea leaves to unfurl fully, delivering the entire potential of the flavour. They allow you to control the brewing time, creating the optimum strength of your brew so that you can enjoy the most delicious cup of tea with the greatest of ease!

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If you prefer to brew your tea the more traditional way in a teapot, then a tea strainer is an essential piece of tea-making kit. 

The teapot brewing process allows the loose leaf tea to unfurl in hot water, extracting all the exciting flavours without the restriction of a ball or filter. The tea strainer is simply placed in or over a teacup to catch the loose-leaf tea as it is poured. 


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You may like to use a tea filter basket for your tea, putting this straight into your cup, mug or teapot. Our range of filter baskets is especially useful for larger loose tea leaves as it gives the tea plenty of room to unfurl and deliver a genuinely perfect taste. Filter baskets have an added advantage over tea strainers when brewing as you can remove the tea leaves at the correct brewing time.


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Tea tastes best when it hasn't been over-brewed. Using a paper filter means that you can brew your tea correctly and take the leaves out of the brew to stop the infusion process. Paper filters are convenient and are compostable together with the tea leaves, which can save time washing filter baskets.


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Using a tea infuser is a simple way to catch all loose-leaf tea in the tea brewing process.

Fill your chosen infuser - tea ball, tea egg or tea tong with the correct amount of tea as per packaging instructions.

  • Boil the water and following temperature guidelines
  • Gently pour the water into your chosen vessel and make sure the tea infuser is submerged within the water.
  • It is very important to time the brewing of your tea and infusion. Steep it for too long and you will stew the tea. Not long enough and you will not attain the full potential of the taste experience. A rough guide for tea brewing:

             White Tea: 2-3 minutes

             Green Tea: 2-3 minutes

             Black Tea: 3-5 minutes

             Oolong Tea: 3-5 minutes

             Herbal Tea: 5-7 minutes

             Fruit Teas: 8-10 minutes

  • Remove the infuser, add milk or sweeten and enjoy!