Ronnefeldt Winter Fairy Tale
Winter Fairy Tale
Flavoured black tea with spices and orange-cinnamon-lulo flavour Christmas in a cup! Sold in 100g bag  
Irish Malt Chocolate / Flavoured Black TeaIrish Malt Chocolate / Flavoured Black Tea
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Irish Malt Chocolate
Flavoured Black Tea
Flavoured black tea with whiskey and cocoa flavours Sold in 100g bag
from £6.80

Christmas Punch
Christmas Punch
Flavoured fruit tea with apple punch flavour Tasty winter fruits with the typical Christmas spices, topped with lots of delicious apple pieces. Contains nuts Sold in 100g bag  
Was £7.90 Now £6.40

As the evenings draw in and the temperatures fall, we believe that there are few finer pleasures than a delicious cup of seasonal tea.

Rich flavours combine to warm your insides, enliven your senses and give you a feeling of wellbeing.

If you are a fan of the warm seasonal drink of mulled wine, why not try Mulled Wine? A flavoured, naturally caffeine free and even alcohol free, fruit infusion with a delicious taste of Christmas.


How to Brew Seasonal Teas

Whether you want to use the loose leaves or try a tea bag infusion, the standard process is the same.

The standard process is as follows:

  1. Boil some fresh cold water
  2. Place the tea in a tea strainer or filter basket
  3. Pour the boiling hot water
  4. Infuse the tea for the appropriate amount of time
  5. Strain the tea
  6. Sweeten the tea to taste
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Brewing Table

  1 Levelled Teaspoon to 1 Heaped Teaspoon – please look at the individual instruction on the bag

   2 – 10 Minutes – depending on the tea please revert to the individual bag for individual instruction

   A range of colours including: Brown, Red Brown, Yellow/Green, Red, Dark Red, Dark Yellow and Orange/Brown 


NOTE: Please make sure to read the individual brewing instructions on each pack of tea.