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For all trade enquiries, please call 01761 239 162 or fill out the 'How to Open a Trade Account' form at the bottom of this page.

Supreme Quality Wholesale Teas

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Are you looking for great tasting wholesale tea? Then you are certainly in the right place.

Cup of Tea Ltd are proud to offer the very finest wholesale tea to hoteliers, cafe and restaurant owners, shop owners, tearooms, delis and food halls.

We are the official UK distributor for Ronnefeldt tea.

Ronnefeldt always puts quality first and are constantly searching all over the world to find first-class teas whether from the famous tea gardens in Assam and Darjeeling in India to Yunnan in China, Japan and South Africa.

And our service does not end with just supplying the tea. We look after you by teaching everybody involved in serving and preparing the teas as well as how to store, brew and serve our teas correctly. We also equip you with a large amount of tea-related knowledge and make you confident to provide your customers a tea-drinking experience that can be informative as well as enjoyable.

In a trade environment you need a reliable partner with a good reputation in the industry and amongst guests.

Ronnefeldt has much to offer in this field:

  • Exceptional Quality
  • High Brand Awareness
  • 190 Years of Trade Experience
  • Tailor Made Products
  • Ongoing Customer Service.

Why Ronnefeldt Tea?

Ronnefeldt Tea

Ronnefeldt always takes great care that every single tea is of premium quality, which is why they are only ever processed the orthodox way, in other words, hand-picked, hand-crafted and very carefully selected.

This is how we ensure the refined, subtle and exclusive flavour that Ronnefeldt tea is famous for.

No matter whether you’re serving tea at your breakfast buffet, at the table, organising meetings and conferences or for afternoon tea, in a hotel,  restaurant or cafe, Ronnefeldt has the ideal range of tea products with all the accessories you need.

A huge range of tea varieties, whether loose or ready portioned, hot water systems, china and sweetener specialities, uniques stylish displays, everything is carefully matched to suit your requirements. And we'll train your staff to ensure every cup is served perfectly.

Choose the range to go with your establishment and your taste and benefit from our professionalism and creativity as one of the oldest tea houses in the world.

If you are a Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Tearoom or tea retailer get in touch because we supply our fine teas and most of the accessories wholesale to the trade across the UK.

Ronnefeldt is today a firm favourite among 4 and 5 star hotels worldwide and we at Cup of Tea are proud to be their UK distributor.

Call us on 01761 239 162

How to Open a Trade Account

How to open a Wholesale tea trade account with Cup of Tea

You can either just give us a call on 01761 239162 or send us your details and requirements via our wholesale tea enquiry form.

We are happy to send out samples, our catalogue and brochure and, additionally, we are even more happy to come along and visit you to discuss your requirements in person.

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