We like to make tea-brewing a pleasure rather than a chore and we want every cup to taste as good as the last.

The ritual of tea drinking is not only about the drink, it is exactly that; a ritual. Your choice of teaware will help you really bring the best out of your tea leaves. Carefully selecting your teaware will encourage you to relax and take a minute or two to really enjoy the experience. This ritual can be equally enjoyed on a busy day at work as it is at home when you steal five minute to yourself.

Here at Cup of Tea we have a fantastic range of high quality Teaware; from teapots in glass, china and cast iron, tea glasses, filters, strainers, timers, spoons, sugar and much more!



Our selection of teapots will spoil you for choice: take your pick from exquisite glass, sturdy cast iron, delicate china or stylish stainless steel.

Our Teapots are fantastic because:

  • We offer sleek and contemporary designs as well as traditional teaware
  • They make lovely gifts for friends and family
  • Our teapots come in a range of sizes, from Tea-For-Ones to larger teapots which make 6-7 cups of tea
  • We offer a wide variety of colours, we have something for everyone!
  • Our teapots brew loose leaf and teabags to perfection!


Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are great for green, fruit and herbal teas. They give the opportunity to watch the tea leaves swirl and unfold as the water takes flavour. This is not only a lovely experience and way to really appreciate the leaves but also enables you to brew your tea to perfection. There’s no risk of weak insipid tea or over brewed tea if you can see exactly what is going on in the teapot! Be careful though, glass teapots can be quite delicate and shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, carefully selected to suit all budgets and preferences.

China and Porcelain Teapots

Our china and porcelain teapots come in many sizes and styles suitable for all budgets. The beauty of china is that they can be so visually appealing with many different designs having taken influence from all over the world and all eras of tea drinking.

Some are elaborately decorated with symbolic imagery while others are plain so there really is something for everyone. China teapots work well with all tea types. Just measure your tea according to the size of the pot and time it well. You may also like to invest in a lovely little tea cosy as these tea pots lose heat slightly more quickly than metal ones.

Cast Iron Teapots

Metal really retains heat, so cast iron tea pots are great for keeping your tea warm for longer. For this reason, it is wise to time the brewing of your tea and remove the tea leaves to avoid over steeping of tea.


Tea Infusers, Strainers and Filters

A strainer or filter allows the delicate tea leaves to unfurl, releasing their delicate flavours and aromas. Infusers, strainers and filters are essential parts of your loose-leaf tea making kit. Infusers and strainers are reusable. Keep it clean and store well and you only need to buy once making it a great investment. Filters are used when you want to remove the tea leaves to avoid over brewing. We have a range of reusable filter baskets as well as disposable filters, all of which are compostable.


Tea Accessories 

We have tried to make sure that all the accessories you need are available at Cup of Tea for you to brew and serve fantastic tea. A measuring spoon helps you serve the right amount of tea. 

Don’t make the easily avoidable mistake of over or under brewing your tea simply because you don’t have a timer! Tea timers are an often-overlooked essential part of your tea making kit. Timing your brew will help ensure you have the perfect cup every time. Brew your tea to perfection using one of our handy tea timers, then pour it into one of our beautiful mugs or cups… and enjoy!


Once you have carefully chosen your teaware it is important to know how to take good care of it.

It seems obvious, but many people forget or don’t realise there are simple ways to preserve your teaware, prolonging its lifespan and making every cup of tea as enjoyable as the last.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

There are many ways to avoid the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning your teaware. This is beneficial to your health, the environment, your purse and, of course, the teaware itself.

Always wash the teapot, cup and other accessories with warm water as soon as you can after use. This prevents the tea from staining the receptacle and makes the deeper clean much easier and more effective.

For the deep clean of china and porcelain you can use baking soda and lemon which is abrasive enough to remove stains and to get into difficult to reach areas such as the spout.

A small brush will help in those difficult to reach areas and finishing off by wiping with a lint-free cloth will bring out the shine.


Spring water with a PH level of 7 is best used for the preparation of tea. This not only improves the taste of the tea but also protects the teaware itself.

Water can quite significantly vary in its PH levels. Tap water will vary in its PH level depending where it is from, some areas being extremely acidic. It will also have been treated so can have varying levels of sulphur, chlorine or sodium chloride.

All these factors will inevitably affect the taste of the tea but also the teaware itself.

Never use water that is too hot to clean your teaware. It can damage the glaze on china and porcelain and metals can oxidise causing rust if overexposed to water and oxygen.

Dishwasher Use

Always read the instructions on the packaging when you purchase new teaware. Some items are labelled dishwasher safe, but it is often not recommended.

Glassware and metal often shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. It can shorten the life of the receptacle.

The detergent and the heat can be damaging.

Glass items are at risk of breakages and the glass will eventually go cloudy while metal will probably change colour over time.

Cast iron needs particular attention. Never leave your cast iron teapot soaking in water and avoid harsh chemicals. Best practice is to wipe clean with a lint cloth and, very importantly, it must be thoroughly dried and gently wiped over with a mild oil to prevent rusting before being stored.

Safe Storage

Have a set place in your kitchen or in a side table for the safe storage of your teaware.

It may even be wise to keep the original packaging to store it in. This depends on the frequency of its use. If it is only brought out on special occasions, it makes sense while if it has daily use it is probably a bit over the top.

Porcelain, china and glass would benefit from having the original packaging. After all it was designed specifically for the item.

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