A high-quality caddy will also protect your tea from moisture, and from the sunlight that may otherwise cause it to fade. What is more, all of our caddies, tins and jars are made from non-contaminating materials. So, the only flavours in your cup will be those of your choosing.

A tea caddy is an essential item for any loose-tea lover. Tea leaves, like chocolate, easily absorb other aromas. Place them in your spice cupboard, and they will never be the same again. That is why an airtight tea caddy is essential when it comes to preserving the flavour of your tea.

If you want to join the Zero Waste movement our caddies and tins are a fantastic way to shop and buy your loose produce. We have a fantastic range of tea caddies/jars/containers to fill all your loose-leaf tea or any other loose food items. Our tins can be used for anything you like from grains, pulses, cereals, sugar and much more! And of course, to fill with our delicious loose-leaf teas! We sell plain, patterned and embossed caddies, with most of them available singly or as a set. Have a browse on our website to find out more: