A tea-lovers kit is not complete without the correct tea accessory.

View our range of high-quality tea infusers including Tea Strainers, Tea Balls, Paper Filters and Tea Baskets.

Using a suitable tea filter, strainer or infuser can improve the tea tasting experience greatly especially when using premium loose leaf teas.

Control the brewing of the leaves and strength of your brew and enjoy the most tasteful cup of tea with the greatest of ease!

What is a Tea Infuser?

A tea infuser is a device which allows you to brew tea using loose leaf teas.

The tea infuser performs the same task as a teabag in that it allows the flavour of the tea to be extracted without pieces of the tea leaves spilling into the water.

A good quality tea infuser will allow premium tea leaves to unfurl to the full thus delivering the entire potential of the flavour.

Tea infusers come in many different shapes and sizes and can be referred to as tea infusers, tea strainers, tea balls, tea filters, tea eggs and more. There are differences between these types of tea infuser but they all essentially do the same job.

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Types of Tea Infuser

If you love loose leaf teas and infusions, you'll need proper equipment to get the best out of it.

The types of tea infuser we have within our range include:

  • Tea Balls - a hollowed out ball of perforated metal (mesh) to hold tea leaves, place in your pot or cup and pour over hot water. Remove when brewed and discard leaves.
  • Tea Strainers – use if you prefer to brew your tea the more traditional way, with a strainer, which removes the leaves on pouring. This allows your loose tea the benefit of unfurling to the full and infusing without the restriction of a ball or filter. We have stainless steel double-armed and single-armed strainers and many other traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Tea Filters - you may like to use a filter for your tea, putting it straight into your cup, mug or teapot.  We have a range options that includes practical paper filters that are compostable and can be disposed  together with the tea leaves or re-usable stainless steel brewing baskets, or cotton tea nets 

How to Use a Tea Infuser

Step 1 – Choose Your Tea

Firstly, you will select your preferred tea or infusion.

Please make sure that the tea has been stored correctly and is fresh (airtight, dark and dry).

We encourage experimentation when it comes to premium loose leaf teas in order to find your perfect brew!


Step 2 – Select the an Appropriate Tea Infuser

Which tea infuser to use depends on a number of factors:

  • Are you steeping tea for one person or a group of people?
  • Do you intend to brew  in a cup/mug or a teapot?
  • Are you looking to use a very simple design or something a little more crafted?

For example, our Stainless Steel Tea Ball would be ideal for brewing tea in a cup or mug for one person. Or use a Paper Filter if you prefer easier disposal of the brewed leaves.

Whereas, our larger Stainless Steel Strainer would suit infusing tea for a group of people.

For something with a little more character, we recommend our Teapot Shaped Stainless Steel Infuser.

Finally, for a large teapot our Extra Long Tea Filters are perfect.


Step 3 – Add Loose Tea to Your Tea infuser

It is important to add the right amount of tea to your infuser.

Your premium loose leaf tea should come with guidance as to how much tea to use. We recommend that you follow these instructions exactly to achieve the best taste experience.

Make sure you leave sufficient space for the leaves to unfold and float in the water for best results. The more space the leaves have to infuse the better the taste result will be.


Step 4 – Steep Your Tea for the Correct Amount of Time

Gently pour the water into the vessel of your choice and make sure the tea infuser is submerged within the water.

It is very important to time the brewing of your tea and infusion.

Steep it for too long and you will stew the tea. Green teas can become very bitter if over-brewed. Not long enough and you will not attain the full potential of the taste experience. Fruit and herbal teas need to infuse for much longer to release their full flavour.

Your tea should come with guidance as to how long to it should be steeped. Make sure to follow these instructions!

A rough guide can be seen below:

  • White Tea: 2-3 minutes
  • Green Tea: 2-3 minutes
  • Black Tea: 3-5 minutes
  • Oolong Tea: 3-5 minutes
  • Herbal Tea: 5-7 minutes
  • Fruit Teas: 8-10 minutes

Again, we remind you that the above is only a guide and we strongly recommend that you follow the exact instructions that come with your premium loose leaf tea.


Step 5 – Enjoy Your Tea

After the right amount of time, remove the tea infuser, allow the water to cool a little and taste the tea to see that it suits your palate.

If all is well, then we suggest you do whatever is necessary to have 5 quiet minutes to yourself and immerse yourself in the tea tasting experience.

Make sure to smell the tea deeply, sip gently and enjoy the taste.