Cup of Tea, formerly the exclusive UK distributor of Ronnefeldt teas, enjoyed a successful partnership with the renowned tea brand. Specializing in serving the hospitality sector, particularly four and five-star hotels, Cup of Tea's dedication to quality aligned seamlessly with Ronnefeldt's premium offerings. Additionally, Cup of Tea ventured into online retail, showcasing Ronnefeldt teas and accessories on its website, which proved to be a significant success.

Over the last few years, Cup of Tea has undergone a transition, signaling a shift in focus. While the partnership with Ronnefeldt has concluded, Cup of Tea remains committed to providing customers with premium teas and accessories. Embracing new opportunities, Cup of Tea is excited to embark on fresh ventures and collaborations, ensuring continued excellence in the tea industry.

As Cup of Tea after over 24 years of experience moves forward, it reflects with gratitude on the positive working relationship shared with Ronnefeldt. Both parties remain appreciative of their contributions to the tea industry and look forward to future endeavors.

If you are interested in offering a wonderful experience to your own customers then please visit our Trade and Wholesale Tea section to get in touch.

Rectangular Tea Caddy Push Lid Silver 100gRectangular Tea Caddy Push Lid Silver 100g
Rectangular Tea Caddy
Push Lid Silver 100g
Increase your storage space with our refined, sylish caddies they'll instantly modernise your work surface and update your shelves! Dimensions: 10.3cm (h) x 9.4cm (w) x 7.4cm (d) Also available in black