Ronnefeldt Stackable Tea Glass & Saucer Set
Ronnefeldt Stackable Tea Glass & Saucer Set
Ronnefeldt branded tea glass with matching saucer Glasses are stackable
Ronnefeldt Brass Measuring Spoon
Ronnefeldt Brass Measuring Spoon
Brass tea measuring spoon 12cm long

Ronnefeldt Frosted Glass Tea CupRonnefeldt Frosted Glass Tea Cup
Ronnefeldt Frosted Glass
Tea Cup
Frosted glass teacup - perfect for a cup of green tea Dishwasher safe 150ml capacity
Ronnefeldt Tea Measuring Spoon (Two colours)Ronnefeldt Tea Measuring Spoon (Two colours)
Ronnefeldt Tea Measuring Spoon
(Two colours)
A tea measuring spoon Ideal for difficult loose leaf teas Stainless steel 15 cm long

Ronnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book, 60 Drinks with TeaRonnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book, 60 Drinks with Tea
Ronnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book, 60 Drinks with Tea
Creative tea recipes for every occasion. 60 exciting recipes for night and day, summer and winter with Ronnefeldt teas - discover a whole new world of drinks with tea!
Ronnefeldt Tea Book
Ronnefeldt Tea Book
Everything you need to know about tea in a handy reference book Hard cover and fully illustrated with full colour photograhy throughout

Enjoy the ultimate experience in drinking tea. We have a wide variety of tea accessories to help you organise your tea collection and make that perfect cup for yourself and friends. Brew a great cup of tea every time with our strainers, filters, tea spoons, timers and much more. Transform every cup of tea into a ritual of elegance with our fantastic tea accessories!

Tea Timers

As you browse through our range of teas you may have noticed that we mention the optimum brew time for each tea; it is so easy to spoil a tea by over or under brewing. Why not use one of our timers to brew your tea for the optimum amount of time and ensure that you always drink it when it's at its very best? Let our eye-catching Paradox Tea Timers entrance you with their apparently gravity-defying display. Their sand flows from bottom to top – keeping you captivated while your tea’s infusing. Then there are our clever triple tea timers, featuring three hourglasses containing different-coloured sand. The rate of flow is different for each – helping you brew different types of tea for the optimal amount of time. Brew the perfect cup of tea every time with one of our beautiful tea timers.


Tea Spoons

Ensure you make the perfect cup of tea by measuring out the just the right amount of loose leaf tea for your cup or pot by using one of our measuring spoons. Why not start with our guidelines and as you become more familiar with the tea you can become more flexible with the amount of tea you use.  Our measuring spoons provide a practical method of ensuring you use just the correct amount of loose leaf tea for your cup or pot. Our attractive spoons are available in brass, stainless steel or silver finish. Designed specifically for tea leaves, they help you measure the perfect quantity.


Tea Glasses, Mugs and Cups

Enjoy your tea in style, with our range of design-led cups, mugs and tea glasses. We always try to select attractive and unusual items, particulary when they help to enhance your tea drinking experience. Choose glass, bone china, porcelain and other fine materials.

If your taste is for the traditional, our delicate white china teacup and saucer might be just what you’re looking for. But if you prefer the contemporary, take a look at the Asian-inspired cast iron cups. They are sturdy and sure to enhance any tea setting.

When it comes to mugs, we offer elegance in abundance. Take the Zaara Herb tea mug,  available in a variety of colours all ready for your leaf teas as it includes a metal filter.



If you have a sweet tooth, there are some teas that are complimented by a spoonful of sugar. Bold black teas like those in our Assam range for example. That's why we stock a range of high-quality products to sweeten your brew, should you be so inclined. They include Ronnefeldt's giant crystal and fine crystal sugars, available in both brown and white varieties. For a special occasion there are our attractive crystal sugar sticks, they contain brown or white sugar crystals on a stick, which you leave in your cup to dissolve.