Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 0.4L

Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 0.4L

Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 0.4L

An unusual teapot from Ronnefeldt

White porcelain

0.4L - Serves 2-3 cups

Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 0.4L
Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 0.4L
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The Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot provides a new and unsusual way to brew loose leaf tea leaves

Place the leaves on the shelf in the pot, add boiling water as normal and when the tea is brewed tilt the teapot into its alternative rest position
The leaves will be held out of the brew thus arresting the infusion process

Made from white porcelain, 0.4L, with two replacement lids
Packed in a gift box

6th March 2018
Sylvain Sarrazin said...
"Teapot purchase arrived in great shape and well protected for mailling. Will do bussiness again!!!"
Star Rating 5
8th June 2017
Melanie said...
"This teapot seems to be modeled after the Wedgwood SYP teapot from a little over 100 years ago. Examples can be found on the Wedgwood Museum's website (I tried to insert a link but apparently it's not allowed.) SYP stands for Simple Yet Perfect. I own 2 SYP's but I'm afraid to use them, not wanting to take a chance on damaging either. So happy to have found Ronnefeldt's version online! Also glad to see it comes with an extra lid! The one I was surprised to find in a thrift store today was missing it's lid, but soon it will have one. Looking forward to trying it. :-)"
Star Rating 5
26th July 2016
Sharon said...
"Exactly as ordered, timely arrival and reasonable price. Very pleased all around."
Star Rating 5
3rd December 2015
Kristen B said...
"This is my first teapot. I have two tea kettles, but only prepared one cup at a time, so the idea of infusing the entire pot at a time was rather strange to me. I'm very new at this, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. Delivery was reasonable, considering it had to ship at standard rate overseas to the USA. It was very well protected. Came with an extra lid, which puzzles me. The inner pocket is ceramic and doesn't remove. I find the inner pocket fills when you lay it on its side, and initial water pouring goes fine, but loose leaves will start spilling over if you don't raise the pot into diagonal position. Most of the time, a few leaves get loose anyway. It holds roughly 3 8oz. cups (24oz total) or 709 ml. approximately, without spilling. How many actual teacups that is depends on what size cup you use, of course. My new favorite is 10oz which skews my math on this thing. Once you have it fills, you leave it diagonal so the water flows through the holes and the tea leaves. When the tea is done, you set it upright. I find the pot keeps the tea warm enough to drink for an hour (I haven't found a tea cozy that fits it). The pot has a very odd look when its tilted. Its quirky but a bit plain. I've been considering using oil paint markers to decorate the outside. As long as they don't touch the rims, its perfectly safe for use."
Star Rating 4