New Tea Accessories

New Tea Accessories

The making and drinking of tea is a deeply imbedded national tradition and many of us would struggle through the day without its comforting and refreshing properties. At home or work, with friends or as a person alone, when a break is needed, tea provides the perfect refreshment. The most wonderful thing about tea is the wide choice of flavours and aromas offered. A cup of tea is for many an integral part of their morning or daily routine. We believe that everyone should enjoy their perfect cup of tea. The essential ingredients for making a really excellent cup of tea are beautiful teaware, a tea timer, a tea measuring spoon and a tea strainer.  Discover our brand new tea accessories at We offer everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea; teapots, tea caddies, loose leaf tea, tea bags, tea filters, tea timers and much more.

To some, the process of brewing loose leaf tea can be quite daunting. Perhaps you’re only used to tea bags, have never heard of a tea infuser, and just don’t know where to start! Thankfully, making loose leaf tea is reasonably straight forward and the benefits are endless. So why do so many people sacrifice the convenience of a tea bag to brew loose leaf tea- we have the answer! When loose leaf tea is brewed, the hot water begins to infuse the tea leaves and this produces truly fresh tea with the fullest flavour and of the highest quality. Here at Cup of Tea head office we believe we are pretty good at making the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea. We offer delicious loose leaf varieties such as White Tea, Oolong, Black Tea, Green Tea, Fruit Infusion and Herbal teas. Take a look at our guide to the perfect cup of tea using some of our exciting new products….


1. Choose a tea to reflect your mood


What are you looking for? Thankfully we offer plenty of flavours and varieties to choose from as loose-leaf tea actually offers a larger range of tea flavours than your usual tea bags! Visit our teasection to view the whole range.  If you would like some advice on which tea to drink and at what time of the day we can help! If you have just eaten you may want to aid digestion and have a refreshing peppermint tea, such as Ronnefeldt Peppermint sold at £2.30 for an 50g bag. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up you may want to choose a black tea for a stimulating lift, such as Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second Flush sold at £6.95 for a 100g bag. Or if you are looking for a tea to drink to relax at the end of the day you may wish to try a camomile tea to soothe and unwind, such as Ronnefeldt Camomile Blossoms sold at £2.30 for a 50g bag.


    Ronnefeldt Peppermint                                     Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second Flush                    Ronnefeldt Camomile Blossoms

         £2.30 fo a 50g bag                                                     £6.95 for a 100g bag                                                               £2.30 for a 50g bag



2. Pick one of our new tea accessories


No tea set is complete without a teapot! Not only can you pour your loose-leaf tea directly from your teapot into your cup, you can also brew your tea in there.  We offer a wide variety of teapots from Glass Teapots to Cast Iron teapots. We currently have 2 brand new exciting ‘Tea for One’ Tea sets. Firstly we have our ‘Tea for One Osias’ sold at £29.80.  A delightful hand-decorated black and white teapot with gold detailing. Perfect as a gift for someone special, or just as enjoyable to brew a tea just for you. It features a cup, saucer and teapot all in one and will make two cups of tea.


Secondly we have a charming blue toned spotty teapot, our Tea for One Enisa’ sold at £29.80.  It also features a cup, saucer and teapot in one and will make two cups of tea.


We also recommend trying something different with our FlowTea May Lin Tea glass sold at £28.80. Based on a traditional Asian tea glass, FlowTea enables you to brew and carry your tea with you wherever you go. Once brewed, the insulated sleeve and double walled design will keep your tea warm.


3. Fresh water and temperature

We recommend filling the kettle with fresh cold water to ensure that there are plenty of oxygen bubbles through it. Re-boiled water tends to make flat, lifeless tea.


4. Tea Infuser/Strainer

To make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea you will need proper equipment to get the best out of it. We would recommend using a tea infuser/strainer. The tea infuser performs the same task as a tea bag in that it allows the flavour of the tea to be extracted without pieces of the tea leaves spilling into the water. A good quality tea infuser will allow quality tea leaves to develop to the full thus delivering the full potential flavour. Tea infusers come in many different shapes and sizes; you will find a varied range in our Teaware section.


5. Decide on a tea spoon

Measuring the exact amount of loose leaf tea is easy with one of our Ronnefeldt Tea Measuring Spoons sold at £5.90. We offer two colours; silver and brass. A perfect measuring spoon, approximately 9cm with a short handle to portion your favourite tea.


6. Select a timer

To time the perfect brew the Paradox Tea Timer £14.40 comes in a wide range of colours and is a perfect item to compliment all your tea accessories.  We recommend brewing time to be 3 minutes.  It’s important to remember when brewing loose leaf tea that the brewing process will be different for each tea, so make sure to read individual instructions on the packet.



Sit back and enjoy!

We have a fantastic range of loose leaf teas to enjoy the perfect cup of tea. Browse our website to explore the many flavours we offer.






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8th September 2017

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