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Theta 0.4l
Theta 0.4l
Theta, an extraordinary glass teapot Capacity 0.4l
Verona 0.5lVerona 0.5l
Verona 0.5l
Our elegant Verona glass teapot Capacity 0.5l

Verona 1.0LVerona 1.0L
Verona 1.0L
Our elegant Verona glass teapot Capacity 1.0l
Ronnefeldt Leonardo Gift SetRonnefeldt Leonardo Gift Set
Ronnefeldt Leonardo Gift Set
A traditional shaped glass teapot with filter is designed and made by Leonardo for Ronnefeldt Available in two sizes: Capacity 0.4l - 2 cups                                      Capacity 0.8l - 4 cups   High temperature glass

Lucas 0.4l
Lucas 0.4l
A charming glass Tea-For-One set 0.4 litre capacity to make 2 cups of tea Teapot, cup and saucer all in one stylish design  
Fabi 0.7lFabi 0.7l
Fabi 0.7l
A pretty glass teapot with stainless steel filter and coloured glass lid. Available in emerald or amber. Capacity 0.7l

Elio 0.4l
Elio 0.4l
A Modern Glass Teapot Capacity 0.4l
Finum Brew Control 0.4l
Finum Brew Control 0.4l
A practical glass tea maker for two cups or mugs with its unique compact patented design Capacity 0.4l  

Mono Ellipse Warmer
Mono Ellipse Warmer
A Warmer for the Ellipse Teapot Sold separately
Mono Ellipse 1.3lMono Ellipse 1.3l
Mono Ellipse 1.3l
A Modern Teapot From The Mono Range 1.3l - Serves 4-6 Cups

Mono Filio Replacement Glass
Mono Filio Replacement Glass
Replacement glass bowls to fit mono filio 0.6l and 1.5l teapots
from £31.00
Mono Filio  0.6lMono Filio  0.6l
Mono Filio 0.6l
A Traditional Glass and Stainless Steel Teapot from the Mono Range 0.6l - Serves 2-4 Cups  

Mono Filio 1.5lMono Filio 1.5l
Mono Filio 1.5l
A Traditional Teapot from the Mono Range 1.5l - Serves 6-8 Cups SAVE £20. We have one teapot returned. Teapot is in as new condition but the box is a little damaged.
Mono Filio 0.6l with Integrated WarmerMono Filio 0.6l with Integrated Warmer
Mono Filio 0.6l with Integrated Warmer
Mono filio teapot with integrated warmer 0.6l  

Mono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmerMono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmer
Mono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmer
Large mono filio teapot with an integrated warmer  

We have a a fantastic range of glass teapots in all shapes and sizes.

Includied in our range is the modern teapot Theta 0.7L and the Lucas tea-for-one set and the exquisitely crafted Mono range.

The Mono range features exquistly designed teapots in quirky designs. We have a great selection in a range of sizes for you to choose from. Some of our teapots, such as the Mono Filio, include an integrated tea warmer and is available in 0.6L and 1.5L sizes. Simply place a lit tealight on the base, and keep your tea warm until the pot is empty.

Others, such as the Verona teapot, include an integral tea strainer. Not only does this enable you to serve your tea quickly, effectively and without spills, but it also helps to ensure that it’s brewed to perfection.

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