Great tasting tea served in the most stylish way possible!

Here at Cup of Tea we have a fantastic range of high quality Teaware; from teapots in glass, china and cast iron, Tea-For-One sets, mugs and cups, filters, strainers, timers, spoons, sugar and much more! We like to make tea-brewing a pleasure rather than a chore!

In the 17th century tea was introduced to Britain from China. The British imported not only tea but also teapots as they did not know how to produce such high-quality bone pottery teapots being made in China. These teapots became so popular that people started to collect them.  It wasn’t until the middle of the 18th century that English craftsman mastered how to make porcelain teapots with beautiful designs. A whole new industry sprouted and Stoke-on Trent became the capital of English fine bone China. It was only when tea became famous all over England and the concept of afternoon tea became widespread that England started to create beautiful teapots and tea sets.

Our Teapots are fantastic because:

  • We offer sleek and contemporary designs as well as traditional teaware.
  • They make lovely gifts for friends and family
  • Our teapots come in a range of sizes, from Tea-For-Ones to larger teapots which make 6-7 cups of tea
  • We offer a wide variety of colours, we have something for everyone!
  • Our teapots brew loose leaf and teabags to perfection!


We have tried to make sure that all the accessories you need are available at Cup of Tea for you to brew and serve fantastic tea.

A measuring spoon helps you serve the right amount of tea, while a strainer or filter allows the delicate leaves to unfurl – releasing their delicate flavours and aromas.

Our selection of teapots will spoil you for choice: take your pick from exquisite glass, sturdy cast iron, delicate china or stylish stainless steel.

Time your brew to perfection using one of our handy tea timers, then pour it into one of our beautiful mugs or cups… and enjoy.