Choosing the Perfect Teapot

When choosing the perfect teapot, there are a few considerations. Whether you're looking for a large teapot for the whole family or one with a built-in filter for loose-leaf teas in the home office, we have all the teapots covered. 

Our teapot range is exclusively hand-picked by our tea experts here at Cup of Tea and features glass, china, porcelain and cast-iron teapots. From contemporary and cool to classic and colourful, we have little and big family-sized teapots and handy pots for one. Some of our teapots feature built-in filters for your favourite loose-leaf teas, while others are classic in design for all types of tea.

Choosing the perfect teapot


Cast Iron Teapots

Enjoy a cup of tea Japanese-style with one of our beautiful cast iron teapots and teaware. The elegant teapots are not only stylish but are made to stand the test of time. What's more, the cast iron will distribute and retain the heat of your tea, keeping it warm for longer.

Cast iron is incredibly durable and can last many generations. Virtually smash proof, a cast iron teapot is also designed to keep the tea at optimum temperature because the material conducts heat beautifully. Enamelled on the inside to prevent rust, cast iron teapots are easy to clean and maintain. Of course, they are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but the removable stainless-steel mesh tea strainer makes our cast iron teapots easy to use, clean and ideal for all loose-leaf teas. 

Cast Iron Teapots


Xilin Cast Iron Teapot Range

Our Xilin Cast Iron teapot range is designed in the traditional Japanese style. The teapots are glazed on the inside and include a stainless-steel filter for perfect loose-leaf tea every time. The Xilin Cast Iron collection includes wide-bottomed teapots, matching cups and trivets in green, red and blue-black. Their textured exterior is also attractive and eye-catching. 

Our classic Xilin Teapots are available in two sizes, 0.8L and 1.25L. These teapots are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and trivet.

Our customers say, "My wife loves her Xilin teapot. It looks great and makes an even better brew."

Xilin Cast Iron Teapots


Jang Cast Iron Teapot, Cups and Sets

Our Jang teapot is a classic Japanese style and made using cast iron. Finished in black, all products in the Jang range are made from Japanese cast iron and glazed on the inside. 

Our matching set includes a 0.8L teapot with a matching trivet and two cups.

Jang cast iron teapot


Tibet Cast Iron Teapot - Black 1.2L

Our Tibet cast iron teapot is a more modern take on the classic. It comes with an enamelled interior and a removable stainless-steel filter for loose-leaf tea. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is retained.

tibet cast iron teapot


Pucheng Cast-Iron Teapot - Black 1.3L

Our Pucheng cast iron teapot is a classic yet stylish teapot with a stainless steel and enamelled interior. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is preserved. 

Pucheng cast iron teapot



Glass Teapots

The beauty of glass teapots, and why we love them, is that you can watch your tea leaves work their magic. We love to use glass teapots when showing off a new fruit tea laden with colourful fruit or brewing Jasmine Dragon Pearls because the little pearls slowly unravel, as if by magic, and turn the tea a stunning light yellow colour. 

Glass, in nature, is elegant and offers itself well to highly stylish designs. As a result, we have glass teapots to suit all tastes and budgets.

Glass Teapots


Elio Glass Teapot

Our Elio glass teapot is a rather beautiful and modern take on the classic teapot. It is perfect for viewing flowering teas unfurl thanks to its glass exterior glass removable filter. 

Our customers say, "I had one before but managed to break it. It can't be without it, and it's part of my daily routine now. Love it!"

Elio glass teqpot


Verona Glass Teapot

The Verona glass teapot is an elegant classic shaped teapot that comes in two sizes – 1 Litre and ½ Litre. The single-walled glass teapot also contains a glass filter and lid, ideal for loose-leaf teas. Of course, the glass strainer can be removed for your favourite tea bags too!

Our customers say, "Love the teapot - nice quality, and I may be odd, but I like seeing the tea brewing. The pot holds the heat well, too, so no cold tea!"

Verona glass teapot



Porcelain Teapots

China or Porcelain clay is made from the mineral Kaolin, also known as 'china clay'. It is soft in nature and can be expertly moulded into either elaborate or simple designs. The mineral is also used to produce fine paper, paint, cosmetics, and other products. Kaolin is named after a hill in China where the mineral has been mined for centuries. Revered for centuries, this mineral is one of the purest forms of clay there is.


Zaara Porcelain Teapots

Our porcelain Zaara Teapots are beautifully modern in design and come in various colours and both matt and gloss glazes. 

The Zaara porcelain teapots come with a stainless-steel lid and a removable stainless-steel filter for loose-leaf teas. The filters can be removed by those who prefer teabags. 

Our porcelain Zaara Teapots come in two sizes – 0.5l, making around 2 cups and 0.9l which produces about 4 cups. 

zaara teapot


Tilting Teapot

The Tilting teapot is a hoot and ideal for those with a bit of a sense of humour. The unusual teapot is made from white porcelain, but the design is functional as well as kooky.

Users are advised to place the leaves on the shelf in the pot, add boiling water as usual and when the tea is brewed, tilt the teapot into its alternative rest position. The leaves will be held out of the brew to ensure that your tea is now over-brewed. 

Tilting teapot



Accessories – To Make Life Easier


Stainless Steel Tea Ball 4.5cm

Our stainless-steel tea ball is the ideal accessory for loose-leaf tea fans. The infuser tea ball comes with fine mesh and a chain link for easy usage, meaning you can use this tea ball to make the perfect tea time and time again. 

Our customers say, "Ideal and easy to use. I use mine both in the house and take it to work too. Easy to wash and clean out the tea leaves with minimal effort."

stainless steel tea ball


Tea Filter Bags Extra Long

Our extra longer paper filters are perfect for loose-tea and infusions and ideal for teapots without internal strainers. In addition, the tea filter bags are 100% compostable once brewing is complete. Long enough for teapots but also great for mugs!

Our customers say. "These are a great way to avoid those unwanted tea leaves at the bottom of your teapot or mug. Long enough not to risk them falling in!"

tea filter bags extra long

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29th October 2021

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