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Here we look at all things green for the Green Tea Lover…..

Much green tea comes from the lush hillsides of East Asia. It is a drink with a distinctive flavour and versatility which makes it a popular choice around the world. The flavours are fresh, fragrant and sweet. We have an exquisite selection of gifts for any green tea lover…..


Green Tea Gifts


























1. High Tea Co Green Tea Gift Set - £48.50

Green tea is always refreshing and cleansing and here you can buy a great gift set with everything you need to make a perfect cup. This set includes:

Zero Forest Green 0.45L Teapot – A classic round teapot with a removable stainless steel tea filter which will make around 2-3 cups of tea.

High Tea Co Green Tea- 125g of delicious Green Sencha loose leaf tea.

Paradox Tea Timer - A green tea timer to make the perfect brew.


2. Ronnefeldt Green Oasis Organic - £5.40 for a 100g bag.

A superb green tea with a hint of spearmint, a truly refreshing drink.


3. Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Green Dragon Lung Ching -£6.95 for 15 teabags

Rare, mildly tangy green teabags. Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup whilst brewing.


4. Tea Hamper Green Tea Selection - £27.90

A selection of 3 of the best Ronnefeldt loose leaf green teas. The hamper includes:

100g Ronnefeldt Morning Dew - A classic flavoured loose leaf green tea with mango citrus flavours.

100g Ronnefeldt Green Keemun Congou - A beautifully balanced subtle and aromatic Chinese loose leaf green tea.

100g Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic - A delicate and rare loose leaf tea with a slight sweet unique flavour. 

Stainless Steel Tea Ball – Infuser tea ball with fine mesh.

Wicker Hamper – 12 inch reusable hamper


5. Matcha Hikari Starter Set - £72.60

This Matcha set comes in a printed gift box and includes everything to make a start on Matcha:

30g tin of Organic Ronnefeldt Matcha Hikari - A mild and fruity matcha. Gentle and delicately tart.

Bamboo Whisk – A Japanese bamboo whisk, 10.5cm long for preparing Matcha until it is frothy.

Bamboo SpoonFor the perfect Matcha measure

Matcha Bowl – Ceramic glazed bowl for the preparation of Matcha tea.


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30th October 2017

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