Sabine 0.5L
Tea for One set in pure white Fine Bone China 0.5L capacity for two generous cups of tea
Was £34.30 Now £23.90
Nanji 0.5L
Bone china Tea-For-One tea set with blue and green tones 0.5 L capacity to make 2-3 cups of tea Teapot, cup and saucer all in one stylish design
Was £34.30 Now £23.90

Rani 0.5L
Bone china Tea-For-One tea set with Indian design 0.5L capacity to make 2-3 cups of tea Teapot, cup and saucer all in one stylish design
Was £34.30 Now £23.90
Sonji 0.5L
Bone china Tea-For-One tea set inspired by the Far East. 0.5L capacity to make 2-3 cups of tea Teapot, cup and saucer all in one stylish design
Was £34.30 Now £23.90

4 Reasons to Buy a Tea-for-One Set

1 - A Moment to Yourself

Drinking tea is often associated with times of socialising with friends and family but there are always those times when we need to relax in solitude or we want a quick cup of tea without compromising on taste.

Tea-for-One sets are perfect for these occasions. 

These sets provide the perfect opportunity to really infuse your chosen tea exactly to your taste and the beauty is the pot holds a little bit more than a cup worth of tea, so you won’t be left wanting more when you have finished.

2 - Stylish and Thoughtful Gifts

Our stylish tea-for-one sets make the perfect gift for any tea-lover. 

They incorporate a teapot, cup and saucer in one neat package – making it easy to brew a single cup of tea with minimum effort.

To make life even more straightforward, most of our tea-for-one sets are also dishwasher-proof.

3 - Zero Waste

Did you know that many branded tea bags contain plastic?

This means that the teabags, contrary to popular belief, cannot decompose and many little plastic tea bags remains have been found in compost heaps.

With our tea-for-one sets, which take loose-leaf tea, we remove the risk of putting plastic into the land and oceans.

We try to keep our packaging to a minimum.

4 - Beautiful Designs – Patterned or Plain

Choose from one of our many pretty designs, such as the exotic bright Paula, the stylish Selina, or the oriental-inspired Lanyu

For those with simpler tastes, the clear-glass Lucas or white bone china Sabine are bound to suit.

In most cases the teapot will brew enough tea for at least two cups.  

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Tea-for-One as Gifts

It can be incredibly difficult to choose gifts for friends and family especially when you want to show you have put thought into your gift.

Tea-for-One sets make a beautiful gift for any tea lover. There are many ways to personalise your gift by including a selection of carefully chosen loose-leaf teas.

You can choose the design to compliment the kitchen or home style showing that you have really put a lot of thought into the gift.

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Christmas Gifts

Secret Santa

Do you have to get a Secret Santa gift for someone you hardly know? What do you do?

Take the risk out of your purchase by buying a classic and stylish tea-for-one set.

You may just awaken a new love of tea and the recipient will truly appreciate this new interest.

You may find yourself revealing it was you that bought this legendary gift!

Stocking Fillers

It can be difficult to find quality stocking fillers that will be truly appreciated.

A great way to create a well-stocked stocking for someone special can be with a Tea-for-One set, a selection of loose-leaf teas and associated teaware. Maybe even a luxury chocolate bar as well! Why not?

Special Occasions

For anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions it can be difficult to choose the perfect gifts.

You want to choose something special and personal. You really can’t go wrong with a tea-for-one set.

New Mum

What gift do you buy when a new child is born, for example? It’s easy to buy a baby gift but what about the new mum?

She probably won’t expect anything but at such a special time in their lives it is nice to treat mum as well as the baby.

Alcohol is probably the last thing she would want with the inevitable disturbed nights and lack of sleep.

What about a lovely tea-for-one set with a range of teas?

Choose teas to invigorate on tired mornings and others to help relax of an evening or during night feeds.

We recommend:

Off to University

University students are renowned for high levels of tea consumption! Tea-for-One sets are a brilliant gift idea for anyone who is embarking on a new life away from home for the first time. Young people starting university usually start off with very little money and very few things.

This is a lovely, thoughtful and incredibly practical gift for such exciting occasions. You can choose a beautifully patterned set or a more minimal plain set depending on the preferred style and you can keep them topped up with different loose-leaf teas throughout the year!

There really is something for everyone!

Don’t forget we also offer gift wrapping services and we can send your gift directly.

Recommended Tea-for-One Sets

Here are a few recommended tea-for-one sets...