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Ronnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book , 60 Drinks with teaRonnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book , 60 Drinks with tea
Ronnefeldt Fresh and Hot Book , 60 Drinks with tea
Creative tea recipes for every occasion. 60 exciting recipes for night and day, summer and winter with Ronnefeldt teas - discover a whole new world of drinks with tea!
Matcha SetMatcha Set
Matcha Set
Three piece Matcha set which includes a bowl, bamboo spoon and whisk. All contained in a printed gift box
from £49.95

Bamboo Matcha Whisk
Bamboo Matcha Whisk
An important utensil for the Matcha tea lover
Ling Matcha Cup 0.2l
Ling Matcha Cup 0.2l
A traditional matcha cup is the best way to drink matcha tea

Matcha Bowl 0.4lMatcha Bowl 0.4l
Matcha Bowl 0.4l
A ceramic glazed bowl for the preparation of the Japanese Matcha tea
Ronnefeldt Tea Thermometer
Ronnefeldt Tea Thermometer
Optimize your tea water temperatureBlack Tea 95øCGreen Tea 65-75øCFruit and herbal Infusions 90øCKeep in mind the water always should have boiled first.

Afternoon Tea Book
Afternoon Tea Book
Afternoon Tea By Jane Pettigrew A handy guide packed with glorious images to inspire you to bring this much loved ritual to life. Here you can discover everything you need to know about tea, including how to make and serve it at its very best, the etiquette of tea-drinking and some recipes for edible treats to make teatime perfect. An ideal Christmas gift or stocking filler ISBN 978-1-84165-143-9
Ronnefeldt TEA Book
Ronnefeldt TEA Book
Everything you need to know about tea in a handy reference book Hard cover and fully illustrated with full colour photograhy throughout