Ronnefeldt Fine Crystal Sugar 200gRonnefeldt Fine Crystal Sugar 200g
Ronnefeldt Fine Crystal Sugar 200g
Sugar crystals that slowly dissolve and add a gentle sweetness to your cup of tea.White sugar is best for delicate Darjeelings and Green teas whilst brown sugar supports Ceylon and Assam teas with their fine flavour of caramelBox containing 200g
Giant Crystal Sugar Brown or WhiteGiant Crystal Sugar Brown or White
Giant Crystal Sugar Brown or White
Huge crystals of sugar in either brown or white, these are sugar boulders!

Ronnefeldt Crystal Sugar SticksRonnefeldt Crystal Sugar Sticks
Ronnefeldt Crystal Sugar Sticks
Sugar crystals on a stick - an individual way of sweetening tea. Simply stir in the cup. Bag containing three crystal sugar sticks