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Ronnefeldt Rooibos Earl GreyRonnefeldt Rooibos Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Rooibos Earl Grey
High grown Rooibos with the citrus lift of bergamot Sold in 100g bags
Ronnefeldt Sencha Earl GreyRonnefeldt Sencha Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Sencha Earl Grey
A lovely combination of sencha and earl grey to tantalise the taste buds Sold in 100g bags. 

Ronnefeldt Tippy Golden Darjeeling Earl GreyRonnefeldt Tippy Golden Darjeeling Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Tippy Golden Darjeeling Earl Grey
Darjeeling black tea flavoured with bergamot. Sold in 100g bags.
Ronnefeldt Princess GreyRonnefeldt Princess Grey
Ronnefeldt Princess Grey
A blend of Darjeeling and Keemun with sparkling fresh bergamot.  A gentle earl grey - fresh with a hint of citrus. Sold in 100g bags.  

Ronnefeldt Special Earl GreyRonnefeldt Special Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Special Earl Grey
Intense flavour and full of body a truly special Earl Grey. Sold in 100g bags.
Ronnefeldt Duke of Grey OrganicRonnefeldt Duke of Grey Organic
Ronnefeldt Duke of Grey Organic
An Earl Grey with great flavour. Sold in 100g bags.

Earl Grey Organic
Earl Grey Organic
A high quality black tea with natural bergamot flavours. Sold in 100g bags.
Imperial Earl Grey
Imperial Earl Grey
A well balanced Earl Grey. A very refreshing drink with a frgarant citrus twist. Sold in 100g bags.

Ronnefeldt White Collection Earl GreyRonnefeldt White Collection Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt White Collection Earl Grey
A beautifully flavoured and full-bodied Earl Grey loose leaf tea Foil packed and sold in a beautiful White Collection tea caddy tin.
Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Earl GreyRonnefeldt Joy of Tea Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Earl Grey
A Indian black tea flavoured with bergamot, all held within an innovative designed teabag.  Sold in a pack which contains 15 servings of 2.3g each.

Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Earl GreyRonnefeldt Teavelope® Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Earl Grey
Flavoured black tea with bergamot. Light and fragrant - satisfying and refreshing. One of our customers favourite teavelopes. Sold in a box of 25 servings. Each tea bag holds 1.5g of tea.  

Our Darjeeling Earl Grey is blended using Darjeeling tea from the foothills of the Himalayas, while our Earl Grey Organic combines the sweet flavour of Chinese teas with the strong, malty taste of Assam. If you're on the go, our Ronnefeldt Teavelope Earl Grey provides all the flavour of a top-quality Earl Grey, in a convenient tea bag