The art of tea flavouring requires a great deal of skill. The most exquisite flavoured green teas are those that achieve the perfect balance of ingredients: enough flavour to complement the tea, without overpowering its own characteristic taste.

Japanese Sencha, with its large, whole leaves, is particularly suited to flavouring and the most popular flavoured green tea we sell is Morning Dew.

If you are a lover of Earl Grey why not give the Sencha Earl Grey a try, or for the more fruity and floral taste buds Lotus Blossom is an ideal choice amongst the flavoured green teas.

And of course, there is the traditional jasmine taste. If you are in favour of this Chinese green tea blend our Jasmine Xian Yu is a must try. 




Among the most famous flavoured black teas are Earl Grey tea and Chai tea.

  • Earl Grey tea is traditionally a refreshing Chinese black tea, blended with the citrus flavour of bergamot. Although originally a flavoured black tea, Earl Grey can now also be found as green tea and rooibos blends.
  • Chai tea is an Indian black tea, mixed with native spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and pepper.

Because black tea is so versatile, new flavour combinations are constantly evolving, under the watchful eye (and refined taste buds) of the expert tea taster. And, if you want to judge the tea taster's skill for yourself, take a look at some of our other flavoured black teas. Particular favourites include Bourbon VanillaIrish Malt, Marzipan and Date Tea.