Sichuan Cast Iron Gift Set Black 1LSichuan Cast Iron Gift Set Black 1L
Sichuan Cast Iron Gift Set
Black 1L
Our oriental style cast iron Sichuan teapot is accompanied by two contemporary porcelain cups in a floral design.  The Sichuan teapot is enamelled inside for durability and is partnered with a removable stainless steel tea filter. Makes approximately 4-5 cups of tea

Tea is perhaps one of the most famous consumed beverages enjoyed by billions around the world every day. Many of us have our favourite mug or cup but what about a teapot? There are pretty cute teapots with homemade woollen cosy’s or elaborate Chinese or Japanese modern and stylish teapots to choose from, but how did the teapot come about?

We know that tea originated in China, then spread to Japan, Korea, India and later to other parts of the world including Europe and America. Teapots are relatively new in comparison to the amount of time tea has been around. Traditional teapots were not used or needed until the type of tea changed. In the 1300’s loose leaf was introduced and teapots were needed to let the tea steep.  Teapot-like vessels have been around in China for thousands of years, but they were used for wine and water. They had a spout and handle and eventually were used for the brewing of tea. Nowadays we are more familiar with the globular shaped teapot. Today you can find just about any shape, colour, theme or style you desire.  Everything from simple and practical, to highly decorated collector pieces are available.  

We have a a fantastic selection of cast iron teapots ranging in sizes and styles.

Our cast iron teapots are available in a variety of colours, including black, red, blue and green. They have a stainless steel filter for effortless tea-brewing, and an enamelled interior for easy cleaning.

To complete your tea set, we also stock matching cast iron accessories including trivets, and cups

Our classic Xilin Teapots, available in two sizes, 0.8L and 1.25L and in three colourways; blue/black, green and red. These teapots are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and trivet. This teapot is a classic Japanese teapot, glazed on the inside and includes a stainless-steel filter.