Clever Tea Storage for Less Waste

At Cup of Tea, we love all things tea! We're a UK specialist in sourcing some of the finest teas from around the world and some of the handiest tea accessories you'll ever need.

It's a fact that loose-leaf teas and real-leaf tea bags taste better and stay fresher for longer if stored in tea caddies. And because our teas are produced in small batches for the very best flavour, we always recommend that our customers store them in airtight tins to keep them at their best. There are other reasons for purchasing tea caddies as we become more aware of reducing waste. We need practical yet attractive vessels for not just our teas but other foodstuffs such a biscuits, grains, pulses, pet treats and more.  

Tea and other foodstuffs benefit from being stored in the dark, so non-transparent containers are perfect (sorry, jars!). Our range of metal and stainless-steel containers is food-safe and can be used over and over again. In addition, we have an extensive range of tea caddies that suit all tastes.


Five reasons for storing your teas in airtight caddies:

Sunlight – It is advisable to store tea in darkness to prevent bright light from degrading the strength of the flavour and the aroma. 

Oxygen – It is a common myth that all moisture has been removed from loose-leaf tea leaves so that oxidisation wouldn't be an issue. It is, however, imperative to store tea in an airtight container to prevent the risk of oxidisation. This is especially important for fresher teas that have some moisture retention, such as green teas.

Heat – Our homes are often kept extremely warm through central heating systems. This can pose a threat to the freshness of your tea leaves if they are not stored correctly.

Odour – One of the most effective ways to protect the flavour and aroma of your tea is to store it well away from other strong flavoured or scented foods. Never store your tea anywhere near aromatic spices or herbs. Even other bold teas will affect the integrity of your tea.

Moisture – Moisture is bad for any dried food product, not least tea. Tea has been withered, rolled, oxidised, dried and packaged to provide the consumer with the perfect tea leaves for your cup. Moisture can undo that lengthy process, and we advise teas to be stored away from the oven, kettle, and any other forms of moisture and humidity. This can be difficult in kitchens where moisture is inevitable, so a tea caddy really is the perfect answer.


Buy More, Pay Less and Reduce Waste

The more you buy in bulk, the less packaging is used, and therefore, less waste is created. At Cup of Tea, we aim to send as little to landfills as possible. The main aim is to reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot. It's not about perfection; it's about making better choices. 

Due to popular demand, we sell a significant amount of loose-leaf tea in large 1kg bags. This is excellent news for our customers and us! You can buy black, greenwhiteOolongfruit, herbal, wellness, and many more teas that come in these larger quantities.


The favourites are:


Reusable Tea Tins and Caddies

We stock an impressive range of high-quality tea caddies and tins of varying shapes and sizes. We also have styles to suit every taste, from illustrative, decorative, plain and paper-bound containers. All our tea caddies come with lids of different designs, which are long-lasting and food-grade. 


Square Tea Caddy Plug Lid 100g – Black & White

Square Tea Caddy Plug Lid


  Classic and contemporary, this square plug-lid tea tin is ideal for any kitchen. Easily stackable, the design is intentionally                             minimalistic. The square caddies come in black or white. Depending on the leaf size, the tins can contain up to 100g of loose-leaf           tea, fruits or herbs.











Rectangular Tea Caddy Push Lid 125g – White

Rectangular Tea Caddy Push Lid 125g


  Stylish, modern and classic rectangular push-lid tea tin come in white. Perfect for an organised kitchen, this is ideal for those who           like less fuss. This tin can contain up to 125g of loose-leaf tea, fruits or herbs, depending on their size. 










Tubular Tea Caddy Double Lid 75g – Black & Silver

Tubular Tea Caddy Double Lid 75g


  Contemporary, iconic and modern, these tubular double-lid tea caddies are ideal for any cupboard or worktop. The modern design          benefits from an inner and an outer lid for extra freshness. We love these classic tea caddies that are available in black and silver.           Depending on the leaf size, the tubular tins can contain up to 75g of loose-leaf tea, fruits or herbs. 









Rectangular Tea Caddy Push Lid 150g – Black and Silver

Rectangu;ar Tea Caddy Push Lig 150g



  Classic rectangular push-lid tea tin available in black and silver. Keep your home sleek and organised with these stylish, modern tea      caddies. Depending on the leaf size, these tins can contain up to 150g of loose-leaf tea, fruits or herbs. 

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11th May 2022

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