Loose-Leaf Tea v's Teabags? We'll Help You Decide

As tea specialists, at Cup of Tea, we're often asked which is better? Loose-leaf or teabag tea.

The answer isn't entirely straightforward and often relies on preference. To make things better for our customers, we only sell the best in all types of tea in our online tea shop. You won't find low grade, dusty teas at Cup of Tea, so whichever you prefer, we have every tea your taste buds desire! We stock an extensive range of teas from black tea to white tea, green tea to herbal tea, and even fruit infusions. These are all available in loose-leaf tea form or classic teabags and loose-leaf teabags.


Why Choose Loose-Leaf Tea?


 Apart from the apparent reduction in packaging and waste, we know that loose-leaf tea is more   beneficial from a waste point of view and taste! All of our teas are produced using traditional         'Orthodox' methods. That means picking by hand and processing in small batches for the best          quality. Only orthodox production guarantees teas of this quality because the result is entirely          dependent on the skill and expertise of the workers in each tea garden. 










Our Favourite Loose-Leaf Teas


Masala Chai – Loose-leaf Tea

Ronnefeldt Masala Chai

Our Masala Chai is bursting with flavour. The black loose-leaf Assam tea is combined with Chai spices, including ginger, anise, black peppercorns, clove, cinnamon and fennel. This exotic, spicy tea from India is mysterious and delicious and can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar.










Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic – Loose-leaf Tea

Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic loose leaf tea


This superb Chinese green tea has a unique character with a rounded, gentle sweetness. Incredibly, and what makes this tea special, is that the delicate buds and leaves are only be picked ten days a year. This short harvest creates a cup that is slightly sweet and refreshing.

 Certified organic, our Gu Zhang Mao Jian green tea is unique and delicate.









Ginger & Lemon Herbal - Loose Leaf Tea

Ginger and Lemon loose leaf tea


Our Ginger & Lemon herbal tea is a refreshing blend of ginger and lemongrass. With a natural warmth of ginger balanced perfectly by the cool freshness of lemongrass and rich spearmint, the tea also contains spicy liquorice root, pretty cornflower blossoms and warming pink pepper. Hydrating and enlivening, this classic herbal combination also soothes the body, promoting inner wellbeing.









Assam Garden Organic - Loose-Leaf Tea

Assam Garden Organic loose leaf tea


Our Assam Garden Tea is a characterful, robust and malty Assam from northeast India. Produced by experts, this tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic tea growing. Delicious for breakfast or all-day refreshment, we love it with a splash of milk and a slice of cake in the afternoons. 










Why Choose Teabags?


  Teabags are a staple in many, if not all, homes in the UK. They are so  convenient we rarely give them a second                  thought. According to the Independent, we consume over 61 million teabags each year. 

  However, not all tea bags are made equal. Some contain the dusty leftovers of loose-leaf teas, while others are filled        with real-leaf teas, herbs, and fruit. At Cup of Tea, we are very serious about top quality teas and only stock tea bags        with real-leaf teas, herbs or fruit. Our range includes Joy of Tea in a fresh and innovative teabag format with a handy      hook that fits neatly onto your cup or mug, holding it in place and showing the name of the tea and the brewing            time. Our Teavelope range brings you 23 delicious, high-quality teas in a convenient tea bag, individually wrapped in      an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.










Our Favourite Teabag Teas


Joy of Tea Darjeeling Organic Teabags

Joy of Tea Darjeeling Organic teabags


 Our organic Darjeeling tea is an elegantly top-class tea with a delicious muscatel flavour.   The tea leaves are handpicked in the summer to ensure the finest quality of tea for this   slightly more robust Darjeeling. 










Joy of Tea Organic Wellness Teabags

Joy of Tea Wellness Teabags  Our Joy of Tea Wellness teabags is an organic wellness infusion of herbs. The perfectly balanced tea contains Rooibos and fresh           organic mint, and aniseed. The real-leaf tea comes in large innovative teabags that provide all the space these lovely teas need to       unfurl and deliver their flavour. Each teabag also has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing and is     individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.










Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange Teabags

Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange teabags


One of our other favourites, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon and delicious hot or cold.










Joy of Tea Morning Dew Tea Bags

Joy of Tea Morning Dew Teabags

Our Morning Dew is a green tea gently scented with mango and citrus. This is one of our best-sellers and a tea that many customers love. It has a charming composition, made up of large leaf sencha with a delicately fruity aroma and petals, making this tea a delicious green tea.










Teavelope Breakfast Tea Stronger Brew Teabags

Teavelope English Breakfast Stronger Tea


If you like your tea extra strong and bold, then our English Breakfast – Extra Strong – Teavelope Tea Bags are for you. This black tea is punchy intense with hints of malt and spice. It's delicious with milk and sugar, depending on taste. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.









Teavelope Sweet Ginger Tea Bags

Teavelope Sweet Ginger Teabags


An all-time favourite herbal tea is Sweet Ginger. It's perfect if you fancy a caffeine-free drink. This tea is refreshing yet warming with a real depth of ginger flavours. Containing natural apple, ginger, sweet blackberry leaves, turmeric root and galangal root, creating a spicy-sweet tea infusion.










Teavelope Red Berries Fruit Teabags

Teavelope Red Berries Teabags


One of our best-sellers, Red Berries, bursts with rich berry flavours. The sweet fragrance of ripe raspberry and strawberry gives this tea the unique fruity flavour that only the hope of summer can bring.

Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness. 










Teavelope Earl Grey Teabags

Teavelope Earl Grey teabags


Our Teavelope Earl Grey is a delightful Darjeeling black tea flavoured with bergamot. The teabags create a light and fragrant tea with a fresh citrus aroma and a full-bodied taste. 

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23rd February 2022

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