Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Earl Grey Tea

Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Earl Grey Tea

Ronnefeldt Teavelope®
Earl Grey Tea

Flavoured black tea with bergamot

Light and fragrant

1 box contains 25 tea bags

Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Earl Grey Tea
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(1 x 25 tea bags) £4.90
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A precious Darjeeling black tea blended with the aroma of fresh bergamot (citrus); full-bodied and intensive in flavour.

Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Brewing time 3-4 minutes


Amount per cup: one tea bag
one tea bag
Brewing time: 3-4 minutes
3-4 minutes
Cup Colour: Light brown
Light brown

Broken - Fannings - Autumn

Darjeeling black tea, flavouring / 1.5g per tea bag

15th January 2021
Hirochi said...
"I have tasted many Earl Gray tea brands, but this time Ronnefeldt was one of the best. Please keep this quality. I had this tea sent from England to Japan. Please try it !!"
Star Rating 5
23rd November 2020
Judith said...
"Great Tea. Had it in France and been ordering since them."
Star Rating 5
23rd November 2020
Judith said...
"Great Tea. Had it in France and been ordering since them."
Star Rating 5
26th December 2019
ChingYiYen said...
"Very good!"
Star Rating 5
3rd December 2019
Wendy said...
"Wonderful customer service and prompt delivery of a favorite tea. They went out of their way to help which was much appreciated."
Star Rating 5
26th December 2018
FahadAlkhater said...
" Most delicious Tea Hi quality with nice mixture ingredient, I am using since five years "
Star Rating 5
24th November 2018
AngelinavanZanten said...
"Introduced my Aunt to Ronnefeldt Earl Gray tea when they visited us in Hockenheim, Germany. She and my husband love it. I purchased the tea recently for their visit. "
Star Rating 5
2nd September 2018
Star Rating 5
Cup Of Tea response...
"Great feedback on the ever popular Earl Grey - Thank you!"
2nd January 2018
Belinda said...
"Great Earl Grey tea, I have tried a few different brands and I have to say this is my favourite. "
Star Rating 5
5th February 2017
Roberta said...
"Fantastic tea "
Star Rating 5
28th December 2016
Irena said...
"the best earl grey i have tasted in tea-bag form"
Star Rating 5
12th May 2014
Laleh shafai said...
"Hi, tea is so deliciousness , but too expensive .😞 Laleh Shafai"
Star Rating 5
7th April 2014
Keung Ling Tai said...
"The best Earl Grey tea ,I like it "
Star Rating 5
17th March 2014
J Mitchell said...
"The best Earl Grey tea - refreshing, subtle flavours"
Star Rating 5
27th November 2013
Sedef said...
"The best Earl Grey Tea I ever tasted. Must try!"
Star Rating 5
2nd July 2013
Rochelle said...
"We first drank this tea at the exclusive Bareiss Hotel in the Black Forest in Germany, we loved it so much, I ordered it for my husbands birthday treat from CupofTea. It's a light & fragrant early grey, perfect without milk or lemon. Excellent service on behalf of the company too. Will definitely use this site again."
Star Rating 5
5th March 2013
Birgitte Heiberg Lykke said...
"Delicious Earl Grey!! "
Star Rating 5
21st January 2013
Pearl said...
"The best Earl Grey Tea! I cannot compare the taste with any brand. Very easy to buy from the sitei fast and secure delivery..."
Star Rating 5
17th July 2012
vivienne edwards said...
"I can honestly say the fragrance of bergamot whets the appetite and then fuses with the taste of Darjeeling - always a pleasantly bodied and delicious tea - to linger 'aroma-like' on the tongue and up to and through the palate. A really satisfying and very refreshing drink (and I was not even 'unrefreshed' when I set out to drink it!!) "
Star Rating 4
17th March 2012
Trisha Ryder said...
"My favourite. Very refreshing any time of day!"
Star Rating 5
14th October 2011
Alyss said...
"I had it with with milk (I know some people would think I'm a philistine!). It was an okay tea, but I did find the flavour a bit sharp. I prefer a softer kind of flavour, so this is not the earl grey for me."
Star Rating 2
23rd September 2010
Sarp Tecimer said...
"A perfect tea for a perfect relaxing time. After going back home from a tiring day; this tea makes me smile again. I personally recommend that after opening the teavelope, let it breathe for a minute and then put it into your cup... Perfect..."
Star Rating 5