Cast Iron Tea Sets & Teaware

Enjoy a cup of tea Japanese-style with one of our beautiful cast iron teapots and teaware. The elegant teapots are not only stylish but are made to stand the test of time. What's more, the cast iron will distribute and retain the heat of your tea, keeping it warm for longer.

Tea is perhaps one of the most famous consumed beverages enjoyed by billions around the world every day. So many of us have our favourite mug or cup, but what about a teapot? We're big fans of the humble teapot, so we decided to take a look into the history of the iconic cast iron variety. 

Cast Iron Tea Sets


Origins on the Cast Iron Teapot

We know that tea originated in China, then spread to Japan, Korea, India, and later to other parts, including Europe and America. The cast iron teapot is said to originate from Japan. It was called 'Tetsubin' and was an over-coals kettle with spout, handle and lid. The teapot-like vessels were ideal for large-leaf teas, such as Sencha, introduced to Japan by China. Of course, today, you can find just about any shape, colour, theme or style of teapot made from a plethora of traditional and modern materials. However, as much as we love porcelain and glass, we have a particular soft spot for the cast-iron teapot. Not only do they look like relics from thousands of years ago, but they are efficient and long-lasting. And when serving tea from a cast iron teapot, we get a sense of ceremony, making tea drinking all the more enjoyable. 

Xilin Cast Iron Teapot - Red


Benefits of a Cast Iron Teapot 

Cast iron is incredibly durable and can last many generations. Virtually smash proof, a cast iron teapot is also designed to keep the tea at optimum temperature because the material conducts heat beautifully. Enamelled on the inside to prevent rust, cast iron teapots are easy to clean and maintain. Of course, they are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but the removable stainless-steel mesh tea strainer makes our cast iron teapots easy to use, clean and ideal for all loose-leaf teas. 

We have a fantastic selection of cast iron teapots ranging in sizes and styles. Read on to find out more and find our entire cast iron collection here.



Xilin Cast Iron Range

Our classic Xilin Cast Iron range is designed in the traditional Japanese style. The teapots are glazed on the inside and include a stainless-steel filter for perfect loose-leaf tea every time. 

The Xilin Cast Iron collection includes wide-bottomed teapots, matching cups and trivets in green, red and blue-black. Their textured exterior is also attractive and eye-catching. 

Our classic Xilin Teapots are available in two sizes, 0.8L and 1.25L. These teapots are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and trivet. 

Our customers say, "My wife loves her Xilin teapot. It looks great and makes an even better brew."

Xilin Cast Iron Teapot - Green



Jang Cast Iron Teapot, Cups and Sets

Our Jang teapot is a classic Japanese style and made using cast iron. Finished in black, all products in the Jang range are made from Japanese cast iron and glazed on the inside. 

Our matching set includes a 0.8L teapot with a matching trivet and two cups.

Jang Cast Iron Teapot, Black


Tibet Cast Iron Teapot - Black 1.2L

Our Tibet cast iron teapot is a more modern take on the classic. It comes with an enamelled interior and a removable stainless-steel filter for loose-tea. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is retained.

Tibet Cast Iron Teapot


Pucheng Cast-Iron Teapot - Black 1.3L

Our Pucheng cast iron teapot is a classic yet stylish teapot with a stainless steel and enamelled interior. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is retained. Fitted with a stainless-steel filter for loose tea, this teapot serves 6-8 cups.

Pucheng Cast Iron Teapot


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8th September 2021

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