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Earl Grey tea is a well-known and refreshing black tea blended with oil from the rind of the orange-like bergamot fruit. The tea is highly aromatic and the perfect accompaniment with afternoon tea. Traditionally made with Chinese black tea, Earl Grey is also now produced using teas from other parts of the world, including green teas.

Earl Grey is most widely defined as a flavoured black tea, and there is no 'one' way to brew Earl Grey tea, which is why every Earl Grey tea you've ever tried has probably tasted slightly different.  Once the tea leaves have dried, the tea is either flavoured or scented with flowers, spices or herbs or sprayed with essential oils or extracts.

Earl Grey is probably the most popular and well-known flavoured tea blend in the world. All of which relate to Earl Grey, who was British prime minister from 1830 to 1834. One myth tells how a British diplomat, while on a mission to China during Earl Grey's premiership, saved the life of a Mandarin and was given the recipe to take home to the prime minister as a symbol of gratitude.

Another version of the story is that it was Earl Grey himself who saved the Chinese nobleman. Yet another tale says that the tea was a gift presented to Earl Grey at the end of a successful diplomatic visit to China.

Whichever story might be true, as far as we know, despite the Chinese having flavoured their tea with many different ingredients over time, Bergamot is never mentioned as one of the flavourings as it was unknown in China at the time.

We could drink Earl Grey all day, so why don’t you discover some of our favourites!?


Tippy Golden Earl Grey

One of our best-sellers, this Tippy Golden Earl Grey, is a fragrant black tea flavoured with Bergamot. The delicately flowery black tea is aromatic and a delight on its own or with a slice of lemon and honey or sugar.

Tippy Golden Earl Grey loose leaf tea



Earl Grey Gift Set

Our Earl Grey Gift Set is perfect for fans of the famously fragrant black tea.

We've teamed a delicious loose-leaf Princess Grey tea with a Japanese style tea caddy and filter basket for your tea leaves.

Earl Grey Tea Gift Set

The Earl Grey Tea Gift Set contains:

100g Princess Grey - A gentle earl grey, fresh with a hint of citrus

Lumi Tea Caddy 150g - Japanese style caddy with soft feel paper wrap finishing

Stainless Steel Filter Basket, Small - Stainless steel filter basket with very fine mesh



Sencha Earl Grey

A charming combination of Sencha green tea and Bergamot, this tea blend is here to tantalise the taste buds! The fresh green tea and bergamot flavours are light and refreshing while being flavoursome yet gentle. A must-try for any Earl Grey lover who wants to explore the green tea path! 

Sencha Earl Grey loose leaf tea

Our customers say, "I’m delighted to have found this tea. I have been drinking it for years. As a green tea nut, I have to say it is among the very best in the world - fresh light and refreshing all year round and top-quality tea too."



Princess Grey

Our Princess Grey is a gentler approach to Earl Grey. A blend of Darjeeling and Chinese Keemun loose-leaf tea with sparkling fresh Bergamot. It is a full-bodied autumn harvest tea that contains orange peel and cornflower petals.

Princess Grey loose leaf tea

Our customers say, “This is the perfect tea for a morning cuppa. Fresh with a hint of citrus and loads of flavour without being harsh. I love this tea; it sets me up for the day!"




Rooibos Earl Grey

Our Rooibos Earl Grey is a delightful Rooibos tea with the citrus lift of Bergamot. If you like Earl Grey but prefer to avoid caffeine and up your vitamin C intake, this is the tea for you. This tea has a naturally creamy taste which is complemented by the lemony zing of Bergamot.

Rooibos Earl grey loose leaf tea




Teavelope Earl Grey Tea bags

A delightfully full-bodied Darjeeling black tea blended with the aroma of fresh Bergamot. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness and intensity of flavour.

Teavelope Earl Grey teabags

Our customers say, "The best Earl Grey tea I have tasted in teabag form."



Joy of Tea Earl Grey 

Our Joy of Tea Earl Grey is a delicious leaf graded Indian black tea flavoured with Bergamot. Intense and vigorous in flavour, the real leaf tea is conveniently bagged in a filter teabag that provides all the space that the tea needs to unfurl to deliver great taste. Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing and is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Joy of Tea Earl Grey Teabags


Discover our entire Earl Grey range here - https://www.cupoftea.co.uk/buy-tea-online/buy-earl-grey-and-flavoured-tea-online/buy-earl-grey-tea-online/c27



How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Earl Grey Tea?

At Cup of Tea, we have made thousands of cups of tea in our time. We have discovered that many factors can contribute to the tea's overall flavour, aroma, and balance. Things like PH balance of the water, whether is it filtered or not, what additions you may add such as lemon or honey, and even the tea leaf origin - from Darjeeling or Assam can impact the flavour. We've made many cups that we think hope and pray that we've got the brewing process down to a fine art

How to Brew Earl Grey Tea 




  • Boil freshly poured cold water
  • Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer/teapot
  • Pour the hot water over the leaves
  • Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time (all our teas come with brewing instructions, and we always use a timer)
  • Strain the tea or discard the leaves
  • Add a slice of lemon, honey or dash of milk
  • Sit back and enjoy!



Serve Black or with Milk?

As a general rule, Earl Grey is usually served black or with honey, sugar, and lemon slice. Our founder and tea expert Christine Collins suggests that "Earl Grey is actually one of the few teas that works with a little fresh lemon if people prefer a more intense lemon taste

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12th April 2024

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