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I’m sure we’re not the only ones making our gift lists and checking them twice! Our extensive yet carefully selected range of loose-leaf teas, tea hampers, tea accessories, tea gifts, tea caddies and teaware are a great place to start when thinking of adding a little tea-magic to your festive celebrations. Whether you want to treat yourself, indulge a loved one or treat a work colleague you’ve not seen in months, we have tea-related gifts all wrapped up in a bow! Below you’ll find our Festive Tea Guide which has been specially selected by our in-house tea-connoisseurs. There’s something to suit all budgets, from stocking fillers to exclusive luxury and unique gifts. Let our handy Tea Gift Guide help you find the perfect gifts this Christmas for that special tea lover in your life.


Make Your Own Hamper

If you are looking to give a completely unique gift, why not consider one of our Bespoke Tea Hampers?

You can pick from small, medium or large wicker hampers, set your own budget and let us help you create the perfect, personalised tea hamper for your favourite tea fan.

Seasonal Tea Hamper





Mulled Wine – Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Mulled Wine loose-leaf tea is a fruity infusion that offers a warm and seasonally spiced brew without the alcohol. The festive infusion offers a spicy and fruity fragrance with hints of sweetness and deep red colour. Containing a harmonious blend of hibiscus, elderberries, apple, currants, orange, plum, pineapple, cinnamon, clove, star anise, cardamom, almond, orange juice, pink peppercorns, ginger, liquorice root and lemon peel.
Our Mulled Wine tea is Christmas in a cup!


Mulled Wine loose leaf tea





Xilin Cast Iron Teapots

We have a fantastic selection of cast iron teapots ranging in sizes and styles. Our cast iron teapots are available in a variety of colours, including black, red, blue and green. They have a stainless-steel filter for effortless tea brewing and an enamelled interior for easy cleaning.

Our classic Xilin Teapots are available in three colourways; blue/blackgreen and red. These traditional Japanese style teapots are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and trivet. This teapot is a classic Japanese teapot, glazed on the inside and includes a stainless-steel filter.

Xilin Cast Iron Teapot Set - Red




Masari Tea Caddy - 100g and 150g

Our beautiful Masari Tea tins are finished with a Japanese-style floral design with soft feel paper wrap finishing. A stylish green tubular caddy with pink and white floral design comes with a flavour protective lid.

Available in two sizes 100g and 150g

Masari Tea Caddy





Christmas Tea Hamper

Our Christmas Tea Hamper contains a fabulous collection of Christmas loose-leaf teas and a tea ball presented in a beautiful wicker hamper.

The hamper includes:

100g Vanilla Apple – A flavoured blend of green tea and apple with baked. apple-vanilla notes

100g Heavens Delight – A flavoured fruit tea with vanilla and almond aromas.

100g Christmas Surprise – A flavoured black tea with spices, marzipan and cinnamon.

Stainless Steel Tea Ball Small - An infuser tea ball with fine mesh.

Christmas Tea Hamper




Seasonal Tea Gift Set

The festive season has (almost) arrived! 

Our Seasonal Tea Gift Set contains a delicious winter loose-leaf tea, a stylish tea caddy to hold it and handy tea ball for the perfect fuss-free brew, every time. 

The Seasonal Tea Gift Set:

100g Winter Fairy Tale – A Flavoured black tea with spices and orange-cinnamon flavour. Christmas in a cup!

Helma Patterned Tea Caddy 100g - Soft brown, reds and blues, in a simple but effective paisley design. A real asset to any kitchen!

Stainless Steel Herb Egg 5.5cm - The tea egg splits into two for easy filling and cleaning. It has a hooked chain to attach to the cup or mug and for clean removal once brewing is complete.

Seasonal Tea Gift Set





Christmas SurpriseLoose-Leaf Tea

Our Christmas Surprise is an enchanting flavoured black tea with spices, notes of marzipan and cinnamon. Suitably festive, this loose-leaf blend contains black tea, almond, coconut, cinnamon, cocoa, orange, star anise, cornflower blossoms and cloves. 


Christmas Surprise loose leaf tea





Joy of Tea – Winter Harmony – Tea Bags

Real leaf tea is innovatively contained in a large teabag which provides all the space these lovely teas need to unfurl and deliver their flavour.  Joy of Tea Winter Harmony tea bags is a delicious fruit infusion of flavoured fruit tea with almond and cinnamon.

Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug whilst brewing and is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.
This is the same tea and similar teabag format to LeafCup Winter Harmony Tea Bags.

Joy of Tea Winter Harmony teabags





Wenke Tea Caddy - 100g

Our folk art inspired Wenke caddies are available in a square shape with red and blue illustrated birds on a white background. The slip-on lid is easy to use and keeps the loose-leaf and tea bag teas perfectly fresh!

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Wenke Tea Caddy





Leeza Bottles

Our Leeza bottles are ideal for hydrations on the go. They come with extra features that allow this bottle to carry your favourite teas. It will keep your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks toasty.

Leeza Tea Bottle

Leeza bottle design features include: 

  • Double-walled – meaning your cold drinks stay cool and your hot teas stay hot!
  • Removable (and reusable) stainless-steel filter strainer, perfect for loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions
  • Easy to use with single-hand operation
  • Inner lid made from BPA free plastic
  • Hold 500ml of liquid
  • Available in 7 unique designs 





Coconut FairyLoose-Leaf Tea

Our new Coconut Fairy tea is a caffeine-free herbal blend of blackberry leaves, coconut flakes, apple, cocoa nibs and cinnamon pieces. The brewed tea has a subtle sweetness and a delightfully creamy finish. If you love coconut, this is the tea for you!

Coconut Fairy loose leaf tea




Tea Bag Wallets

Our Tea Bag Wallets are hand-made embroidered fabric wallets containing four teabags fastened with elastic loop and button. Perfect for the tea connoisseur on the go, these teabag wallets are a cute and practical way to carry your favourite teabags! Each wallet contains four assorted individually wrapped Teavelope teabags. An excellent gift for any tea lover!

Teabag Wallets





Rooibos Tea Gift Set

Another carefully curated gift set, it contains caffeine-free loose-leaf Rooibos Cream Orange with hints of velvety vanilla, a tea caddy with a geometric design and a tea infuser spoon, perfect for all tea fans!

Rooibos Tea Gift Set




Matcha Tea

Matcha is arguably the most revered green teas in the world. It is a finely ground powder of specially grown green tea, with vibrant emerald colour and delicately sweet taste. Matcha is the most potent of all green teas because the entire leaf is consumed in powder form.

Our organic Matcha Horai is a mild and sweet matcha that is soft and pleasant in taste.  The fine and vibrant powder is created from a hand-picked spring-time harvest that offers maximum flavour. 

Our customers say, "A very nice Matcha! I’d give the colour a 4 out of 5, but the Matcha itself 5 out of 5. It’s the smoothest Matcha I’ve ever tried with zero bitterness. I will be ordering again!"

Matcha Tea




Rooibos Cream OrangeTea Bags

One of our all-time favourites, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold South African Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon, and is delicious hot or made into a cooler. 

Our customers say: "This tea is amazing! It's the best version of rooibos tea I’ve ever had.”

Rooibos Cream Orange Joy of Tea teabags can be found here

Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange teabags





Rainforest Tea Caddies 

Our new Rainforest tea caddies are ideal for those who love bright and vibrant tropical colours. The illustrated tins are square-shaped with hinged clip-down lids which are perfect for airtight storage of tea, foods and more.  

(Tins are food safe, but not suitable for dishwasher & microwave)

Rainforest Tea Caddies 250g





Stainless Steel Large Tea Egg

Our tea eggs have two netted halves that lock together with a twist mechanism. The hooked chain can be held in suspension to help the tea brew for fuss-free loose-leaf tea. 

Stainless Steel Large Tea Egg





Zaara Herb Mugs Matt Colourways 0.35L

Our porcelain matt Zaara Herb Mugs are the perfect infuser mug for one. Great at home or in the office, they are ideal for perfectly brewing loose-leaf teas and infusions. The infuser mugs come in four enticing matt colours - matt berry red, matt grey, matt petrol and matt sky blue to suit every taste. A part of our Zaara Teapot range, the Herb Mugs come with a removable stainless-steel strainer and lid for effortless brewing. Created from high-quality porcelain, they are beautifully modern in design and are smooth to the touch and are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Zaara Herb Tea Mug





Paradox Tea Timers

Because brewing tea for the optimum time gives you the perfect cup, we always time our brewing. Our Paradox Tea Timers make for the ideal ‘small’ gift for any tea fan whether brewing loose-leaf or bagged tea. These smartly designed tea timers are modern in style and come in a variety of lively colours.

Paradox Tea Timer - Pink




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20th November 2020

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