Quintessentially Tea

Quintessentially Tea

What is it with us humans and tea? The ultimate comfort beverage we know and love has been a national favourite for centuries. It helps us to break up our day, catch up with people (when possible), increases our energy levels and makes us feel good. It is estimated that Britons drink 60 billion cups of tea per year, and globally, a jaw-dropping 279 billion litres are drunk. 

But is tea actually good for us? 

The short answer is yes! Containing antioxidants, the camelia synesis plant goes through different processes of oxidisation, or prevention of the later to create either white, green, Oolong or black tea. Tea is naturally caffeinated, which, in moderation, gives us energy, and stimulates the brain. For those of us who work long hours, or those under stress or uncertainty, tea is a welcome beverage that guarantees a warm and cosy feeling. Tea reduces stress, is comforting and a familiar household staple. The simple act of taking time out to make and drink tea is a therapy in itself. Making tea can be a quick and easy fix but is also a ritual. The process of tea brewing and drinking is universal and people celebrated it from North Africa to Japan and beyond.  What's more impressive about tea, is that we all have our favourite brews and ways of making it. We love brewing it, offering it to neighbours and family (when not self-isolating). Making a cuppa for a worker at your house is practically customary in Britain, and when times get tough, putting the kettle on is one of the first things we think about. We all, uniquely, like our tea in a certain way. 


Splash of milk. 


With no sugar. 

With lemon and honey. 

And the list goes on

We all enjoy our tea differently to suit our unique tastes. But the classic cuppa, especially in Britain, usually comes with a splash of milk. With this in mind, we've created a little round-up of our favourite teas that suit a dash of dairy (and non-dairy) milk. 


Assam Golden Melange Tea

One of the best Assam black teas around, our Assam Melange is a good all-rounder with plenty of body to handle a dash of milk and a little brown sugar. A typically full-flavoured and malty blended Assam, it is produced to a traditional recipe. Our customers say - "This is a very satisfying Assam tea. A good malty taste and enough body to take a dash of milk. As a good all-rounder, it can be used at breakfast, or any time of day and I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, honest, robust cup of tea."

It is also Christine and Simon’s – owner of Cup of Tea – favourite first cup of the day!



Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea

Our Orange Pekoe is a classic, traditional black Ceylon tea which is full-bodied and aromatic. This tea reminds us of grandma's house where sugar and milk were plentiful and encouraged. This well-balanced loose-leaf tea is the perfect blend from the tea estates of the Dimbula district in the South-West of Ceylon.



Queens Tea

Our Queens Tea is a delightfully regal blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon. It has a flowery, fruity and fresh taste and as elegant as a tea can get. 

Perfect on its own, or with a splash of milk (we also like oat milk with this one).   



All Day Tea Collection

For all-day tea drinkers, you can't go wrong with our All Day Tea Collection. Featuring three fabulous loose-leaf teas, we've put together a selection including:

English Breakfast - A robust, fruity, full-flavoured tea, perfect to start the day with, with or without milk.

Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope - A lovely tea with a strong body and aromatic muscatel notes, perfect in the afternoons.

Assam Broken Golden Tips – For a fuller flavour, this malty Assam can take a little milk. A refreshing drink later in the day.



Single and Double Arm Tea Strainers

Our classic single and double armed stainless-steel tea strainers come with a handy drip-dish. These are the perfect and reusable solution to strain your loose leaf tea. They are dishwasher safe and can be used again and again. 

Single Arm - https://www.cupoftea.co.uk/single-arm-stainless-steel-strainer-47cm/p1542

Double Armhttps://www.cupoftea.co.uk/double-armed-stainless-steel-strainer-47cm/p1541




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9th April 2020

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