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Be Kind to Yourself, The Best Way to Start the Year!

We believe that balance in life, at work or home starts with you. And being kinder to yourself can help to create balance by restoring order, health and wellbeing. That's why this new decade, the roaring 2020s, we should all be starting the new year with goodness in mind.

After a period of indulgence, caffeine, alcohol and general merriment, it's not always easy, or right, to quit the fun and crash diet or detox. And quite frankly, experts are now saying that these new year practices don't work as well as we once thought. However, taking small steps to be kinder, healthier and more balanced will naturally spur you on to be more considerate and therefore better to yourself.

A great way to start your kindness journey that takes up minimal time and effort is with Herbal Tea infusions. Herbs, throughout the centuries, have been reputed to have incredible healing, wellness and mindful properties. Some are great for aiding sleep and digestion while others help to calm or inspire. We won't go into herbalism here, but the natural world is full of wondrously gentle and natural ways of being kinder to our bodies and minds.


Are Herbal Teas Really Tea?

We all know about herbal teas, but, herbal infusion or tisane, as the French call it, is not classified as true tea. Tea, containing caffeine is only harvested and produced from the camelia plant and its principal varieties Camellia sinensis and Camelia assamica, whereas herbs are naturally caffeine-free and interact with the human body in different ways.

The similarity between traditional tea and tisanes comes in the preparation. Both are mostly prepared from dried ingredients and infused in hot water, steeped for a certain amount of time before being enjoyed and sipped as a delicious drink.

To create herbal infusions, you can use different parts of plants such as leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, bark or roots. Sometimes only a single ingredient is used like chamomile blossoms or peppermint leaves. Much more commonly, however, are herbal blends, and there is almost no limit to creativity by blending different herbs and fruits.

We have a delicious range of herbal and wellness teas for you to try. Our extensive teas range from pure ingredients such as spearmint or lemongrass, but we also have a collection of expertly blended wellness teas that we know you'll love!

Find our Herbal Teas  here -

Our favourites are Pepermint, Camomile and Nana Mint.


Peppermint - Refreshing, caffeine free infusion made from peppermint leaves

£2.30 for a 50g bag


Camomile Blossoms - Mild herbal tea made from whole camomile flowers

£2.30 for a 50g bag




Nana Mint Organic - A spearmint infusion of aromatic leaves containing natural essential oils

£3.20 for a 50g bag


Wellness Teas

Find our WellnessTeas  here -

Our favourites are Feel Fit, Feel Relaxed, Best Balance and Sleep Well


Feel Fit - Fruit and herbal blend with apple-citrus flavours.

If it's a natural boost you're after, then our Feel Fit herbal tea infusion is for you. The addition of lively apple pieces to mate and herbs like sweet blackberry leaves, nettle leaves, dyers' thistle, sunflower petals and cornflower petals, create a vibrant and fruity tea. Naturally caffeine-free, Feel Fit can be drunk at any time of the day and can help inspire activity during sluggish moments.

£5.30 for a 100g bag




Feel Relaxed - Calming and delicious flavoured herbal infusion with the subtle taste of oranges and cream

Our Feel Relaxed flavoured herbal infusion is calming and delicious. It has the subtle taste of oranges and cream. Naturally, caffeine-free, it helps to relax and eliminate built-up stress and tension. Blended by experts, the Rooibos tea is complimented with natural herbs such as sweet blackberry leaves, lemon balm, sunflower petals and cornflower petals. The brewed cup is amber, and, on the palette, lovely orange and indulgent creamy finish truly relaxes the senses.

£5.30 for a 100g bag



Best Balance - Smooth flavoured roobois with the taste of honey

Our Best Balance herbal tea infusion is a blend of smooth Rooibos and sweet honeybush. Both native to South Africa and naturally caffeine-free, the aromatic tea is expertly blended with anise, fennel, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, blackberry leaves and ginseng. The herbal tea infusion helps to restore balance inside and out while smelling divine!

£5.30 for a 100g bag



Sleep Well - Flavoured tea with caramel flavours

Naturally caffeine-free our flavoured Sleep Well herbal tea is rich in caramel notes and gentle sweetness. The infusion helps to relax thanks to the natural ingredients including Rooibos, anise, balm, sweet blackberry leaves, liquorice and safflower. Our Sleep Well blend is not just calming for the mind, but the vitamin-rich Rooibos adds an extra wellness boost while the blackberry leaves and liquorice are reputed for settling troubled and overindulged tummies.

£5.30 for a 100g bag



How to Infuse Herbal Teas


•    Boil (filtered) water in a conventional kettle

•    For every cup/mug of water take one heaped teaspoonful of herbal tea

•    Pour the boiling water over the tea or in a tea egg or tea filter

•    Cover the pot or cup and allow the infusion to brew for 5 to 10 minutes

•    Strain the tea and serve hot

•    You can add fresh lemon or honey for added flavour and goodness


We have a fantastic range of tea accessories to help you brew your teas from tea balls, tea eggs, tea tongs and much more. Discover more here


Happ New Year!





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8th January 2020

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