Elisabeth Teapot 1.0L
Elisabeth Teapot 1.0L
Elisabeth White 1.0L Porcelain Teapot 4-6 cup capacity for loose leaf tea or teabags Also available with a matching design in 0.4L capacity  
Elisabeth Teapot 0.4L
Elisabeth Teapot 0.4L
Elisabeth Porcelain White Teapot 0.4L A very traditional teapot shape with a nice heavy and robust feel Perfect for loose leaf tea or teabags Also available in 1.0L size

Asian Style Porcelain Teapot 1.2L
Porcelain teapot available in cream 1.2L capacity to make 5-6 cups of tea Contemporary style, glazed interior,  satin finish exterior
Was £39.80 Now £23.90
Louise Porcelain Teapots 0.5LLouise Porcelain Teapots 0.5L
Louise Porcelain Teapots 0.5L Capacity
4 Colours
Traditional teapots in four bright colours High quality porcelain 0.5L capacity for two cups or mugs

Johanna Teapot 0.5L
Johanna Teapot 0.5L
Porcelain teapot available in deep red and ocean blue colour ways.  0.5L capacity to make 2-3 cups of tea Unique teapots due to special pigment reaction during firing and changing colour. 

We have a fantastic range of China and Stainles steel teapots for you to discover here at Cup of Tea.

For the traditionalist, there are Ronnefeldt’s classic white china teapots, the Elizabeth, available in 0.4L and 1.0L, and the Ronnefeldt White teapot available in 0.4L, 1.1L and 1.2L sizes 

Many of our teapots, such as the Zaara and the Zero, feature integrated filters. That means added convenience, less mess, and tea that’s brewed exactly as you like it. They are also available in a variety of colours, one to suit every palette.

Fo a sleek and contemporary design we have the Asian Style Porcelain Teapot available in burgundy, cream and black. This teapot has a glazed interior and a matt finish (burgundy and black) and a satin finish (cream colourway). Thes teapots come packed in a attractive gift box. 

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