mono - a family owned company manufactures at its headquarters in Mettmann Germany quality cutlery, gifts and for us the most amazing teapots available on sale

Degree of innovation, design quality and high standard processing of every single article have made mono what it is today, the developers of the table and living culture

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Mono Ellipse Warmer
Mono Ellipse Warmer
A Warmer for the Ellipse Teapot Sold separately
Mono Filio  0.6lMono Filio  0.6l
Mono Filio 0.6l
A Traditional Glass and Stainless Steel Teapot from the Mono Range 0.6l - Serves 2-4 Cups  

Mono Filio 1.5lMono Filio 1.5l
Mono Filio 1.5l
A Traditional Teapot from the Mono Range 1.5l - Serves 6-8 Cups SAVE £20. We have one teapot returned. Teapot is in as new condition but the box is a little damaged.
Mono Filio 0.6l with Integrated WarmerMono Filio 0.6l with Integrated Warmer
Mono Filio 0.6l with Integrated Warmer
Mono filio teapot with integrated warmer 0.6l  

Mono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmerMono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmer
Mono Filio 1.5l with integrated warmer
Large mono filio teapot with an integrated warmer  
Mono Classic 1.5lMono Classic 1.5l
Mono Classic 1.5l
A Classic Teapot From The Mono Range The teapot holds 1.5l and serves 6 - 8 cups  

mono Set of 2 Tea Glasses
mono Set of 2 Tea Glasses
2 filio glass and stainless steel tea glasses 0.3l capacity
Mono Ellipse 1.3lMono Ellipse 1.3l
Mono Ellipse 1.3l
A Modern Teapot From The Mono Range 1.3l - Serves 4-6 Cups

Mono Filio Warmer
Mono Filio Warmer
Design: Tassilo von Grolmann The filio warmer is an indispensable part of the filio tea set designed by Tassilo von Grolman. The warmer is the perfect companion to the filio teapot (large and small). It is made of stainless steel, and has a 150 mm (6") diameter. The warmer uses a standard tea light and can be used as a table top warmer Also fits perfectly beneath the mono cafino coffee maker
Mono Filio Sugar & Creamer
Mono Filio Sugar & Creamer
Designed by Tassilo von Grolman to compliment the mono filio teapots and accessories The sugar and creamer set is hand made in Gemany using high temperature borosilcate glass and stainless steel The set includes a stainless steel tray

Mono Classic Warmer
Mono Classic Warmer
A warming stand to compliment the mono classic teapots Choose from stainless steel or sterling silver to match your tea pot
Mono Strainer Bowls
Mono Strainer Bowls
Use these hand made stainless steel bowls to place the strainer from your mono teapot once the brewing process is complete 10.5 cm diameter for small 0.6l teapots 14 cm for large 1.5l teapots
from £25.00

Mono Filio Replacement Glass
Mono Filio Replacement Glass
Replacement glass bowls to fit mono filio 0.6l and 1.5l teapots
from £31.00

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