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Glass Teapots

The beauty of glass teapots, and why we love them, is that you can watch your tea leaves work their magic. Glass, in nature, is elegant and offers itself well to highly stylish designs. Our range of glass teapots offers something to all tastes and budgets.

We stock a stunning Mono range, designed by Tassilo von Grolman for Mono exclusively. The handmade glass teapots and accessories are unusually contemporary and refine the tea-drinking experience. The brand is synonymous with exquisite design and top-quality craftsmanship and features unique forms of glass and stainless steel.

Our Verona glass teapots are aimed for everyday use, include a built-in glass tea leaf strainer and are dishwasher-safe for convenience of use.

Our Theta range comes in two sizes and has a distinctively enlarged ornate handle for effortless pouring. The statement teapots are mouth-blown by highly experienced glassblowers.

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China and Porcelain Teapots

China or Porcelain clay is made from the mineral Kaolin, also known as ‘china clay’. It is soft in nature and can be expertly moulded into either elaborate or simple designs. The mineral is also used in the production of fine paper, paint, cosmetics and other products. Kaolin is named after a hill in China where the mineral has been mined for centuries. Revered for centuries, this mineral is one of the purest forms of clay there is.

Our China and Porcelain teapot range are small but perfectly curated. It features the Zaara range, which is contemporary yet elegant with bold glazes that can last a lifetime.  Our Elisabeth teapot range takes on a more classic form and the design features take on slightly decorative elements in the handle, spout and lid.

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Ceramic Teapots

We love ceramic because it’s hard-wearing, easily moulded and structurally inorganic and non-metallic, which makes it the perfect material for making teapots. The beauty of ceramic is that it is highly durable, dish-washer safe and can be glazed with a wide variety of pigments. Our ceramic teapot range features our new Zero collection, which is cool and contemporary and simply colourful. The range comes in vibrant Burgundy, Forest Green, Kiwi, Oolong, Carrot, Banana and Tomato glazes.

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