Why Drink Loose-Leaf Tea?

We love loose-leaf tea, and we're seeing more and more customers choosing it, which is excellent news because there are many benefits to choosing it. Of course, we love a tea bag, and all our bagged teas contain real tea leaves, but we love the variety, environmental benefits, and better flavour that real loose-leaf tea provides.


Better Flavour

Loose-leaf tea will give you more flavour because it has gone through less handling. This is because the less the tea leaves have endured, the less goodness is lost, and tea contains antioxidants and vitamins, which we need.

One of the most significant aspects that make loose-leaf tea so enjoyable is the quality of flavour and aroma. The bigger the tea leaves, the more natural oils and flavours are infused in your teapot or cup. Unfortunately, tea bags can contain dust, which loses some potency, which is why real-leaf tea will give you a better-tasting and smelling cuppa.


Loose-Leaf Tea to Try:

Organic Darjeeling Summer Gold Loose-Leaf Tea

One of our best-sellers, our organic Darjeeling Summer Gold loose-leaf tea, is an elegant tea with delicious muscatel notes. An absolute top-class tea, it is picked by hand in the summer in the Indian tea gardens and is ideal for those who like their tea a little stronger.


Less Impact on the Environment 

At Cup of Tea, we aim to send as little to landfills as possible. No mean feat in life or business, but even the little things help tremendously. The main aim is to reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot. It's not about perfection; it's about making better choices. This is one of the reasons why we sell a high amount of loose-leaf tea. Not all, but most teabags do not decompose, which means their particles will contain plastics. Considering the amount of tea we drink, it's scary to think about. For us, it's another reason our range of loose-leaf teas gets bigger and bigger each year.


Loose-Leaf Tea to Try: 

Jasmine with Petals – Loose-Leaf Tea 

Our Jasmine with Petals loose-leaf tea is a floral jasmine tea with real flower petals. A gentle blend of pure Chinese green tea is refined with delicate jasmine flowers to create perfect harmony. This flavoured green tea offers an aromatic, yellow-green cup with floral notes.

Jasmine with petals loose leaf tea


Less Cost 

Loose-leaf tea may seem more expensive per pack, but if you consider the cost per cup, it can actually be much more cost-effective. One tea bag is usually one cup, but a teabag will contain more dust (per weight) and fewer real leaves to omit far less flavour. There are premium teas, which will cost more, but you won't find those types of teas, such as white tea, in a tea bag. 


Loose-Leaf Tea to Try: 

Rooibos Super Grade Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

This super-grade smooth and pleasant South-African organic Rooibos is flavoursome with earthy notes. It is naturally caffeine-free, rich in Vitamin C and does not get bitter even if brewed slightly too long. This tea is Rooibos as its purest and highest grade, and we love it.

Rooibos Super Grade Organic


More Variety 

One of the best things about loose-leaf tea is its sheer variety. From black teas to herbal teas, loose-leaf teas are available in abundance. We love discovering new teas too, and the more we try, the more we're convinced that loose-leaf teas are the way forward. We have loose-leaf teas that are ideal for everyday drinking but also teas that are extra special and ideal for entertaining. We have fun flavoured tea infusions and seriously robust single-origin teas too. And we only sell teas that are produced using orthodox methods. 


Loose-Leaf Tea to Try: 

Ginger & Herbs Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Ginger & Herbs herbal tea is a soothing infusion and one of our favourites! Combining ginger, lemongrass, liquorice, chamomile, black pepper, vervain, cinnamon, and rose petals creates a cleansing tea. The tea promotes wellness, balance and calm. 

The perfect blend of herbs and spices is very soothing, exactly what you need after a long day.

Ginger and Herbs loose leaf tea


So, if you're considering drinking more loose-leaf tea, you've come to the right online tea shop! Our most important piece of advice on loose-leaf tea is its storage. We always recommend that it be decanted into food-grade tea caddies and tins. Luckily, we have a range to suit every taste and style. 

Here are the reasons for storing your teas properly:


Sunlight – It is advisable to store tea in darkness to prevent bright light from degrading the strength of the flavour and the aroma.

Oxygen– It is a common myth that all moisture has been removed from loose-leaf tea leaves so that oxidisation wouldn't be an issue. It is, however, imperative to store tea in an airtight container to prevent the risk of oxidisation. This is especially important for fresher teas with moisture retention, such as green teas.

Heat – Our homes are often kept extremely warm through central heating systems. This can threaten the freshness of your tea leaves if they are not stored correctly.

Odour – One of the most effective ways to protect the flavour and aroma of your tea is to store it well away from other strong-flavoured or scented foods. Never store your tea anywhere near pungent spices or herbs. Even other strong teas will affect the integrity of your tea so beware.

Moisture – Moisture is bad for any dried food product, not least tea. Tea has been withered, rolled, oxidised, dried and packaged to provide the consumer with the perfect tea leaves for your cup. Tea should be stored away from the oven, kettle, and other moisture and humidity forms. 


Here are a few of our favourite tea caddies


Square Tea Caddy Plug Lid 100g – Black & White

Classic and contemporary, this square plug-lid tea tin is ideal for any kitchen. Easily stackable, the design is intentionally minimalistic. The square caddies come in black or white. The caddies can contain up to 100g of loose-leaf tea, depending on the leaf size.

Square Tea Caddy Plug Lid


Montana Tea Caddies

Our Montana Tea Caddies are stylish and come in two designs featuring lines and waves that effortlessly complement a range of interior styles and look fabulous in any kitchen.

Both designs have a white base, each with a different spot, wave or line pattern in muted pinks, browns, greens and blues. The square caddy has a hinged lid, airtight seal and clip-down mechanism. 

250g is an approximate capacity measurement - it will always depend on the size of the tea leaf. Our Montana caddies are sold individually or as a set, also available in smaller 150g sizes.

Montana Tea Caddies


Wenke Tea Caddy 100g

Our folkart-inspired Wenke caddies are available in a square shape with red and blue illustrated birds on a white background. The slip-on lid is easy to use and keeps the loose-leaf teas perfectly fresh!

Wenke Tea Caddy 100g


Trees Tea Caddy 

Our Tree tea caddies are inspired by trees and feature soft pastel watercolour designs in blue Ginko and green eucalyptus. The illustrated leaf motifs will suit any kitchen and come with clip-down lids. 

Trees tea Caddies

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10th December 2023

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