Tea Lattes

There's nothing more autumnal than a soothing, aromatic, creamy tea latte. With the changes in the season, things are more colourful, more sensory and cosier, and a well-prepared tea latte is exactly what we're craving. 

But what exactly is a tea latte? It's tea with milk and sugar. Yes, but not quite!

A tea latte is made with tea and steamed or frothed milk. You can use any tea to make a tea latte. From black tea to Rooibos, herbals and green teas to make your favourite tea latte. 

For a quick and easy tea latte, we love to use Chai and matcha green teas that make delicious tea lattes. Bold flavours at this time of year, hints of spices, vanilla, malt, chocolate, ginger and cinnamon, are ideal for warm and frothy tea lattes. 

We have selected a handful of our favourite autumnal teas that taste fantastic with the addition of frothy milk. 

Tea Lattes


Irish Malt – Loose-Leaf Tea

One of our all-time favourite teas, this delicious loose-leaf tea has been specially selected for its robust, spicy Assam flavours. Irish Malt tea is accented with hints of Irish whisky flavour and authentic cocoa pieces. The extravagant taste makes this a delightful tea, malty and delicious as a tea latte.

Irish Malt loose leaf tea


Organic Matcha Horai 

Our organic Matcha Horai is mild and sweet Matcha that tastes soft and pleasant. Matcha does not need the addition of milk, and the frothy creamy consistency is created in the preparation using a bamboo whisk.

Matcha is a fine, green powder used for the traditional preparation of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

To create your own Tea Ceremony, put 1g (about half a level teaspoon) of Matcha powder in a warmed bowl, add freshly pre-boiled water, ideally at 80c - 90c and froth using a bamboo whisk for around 15 seconds. Once a fine foam appears on the surface, the tea is ready for drinking.

The smoothness of Matcha is created by stripping all the delicate stems and veins from whole leaves before drying and careful grinding with granite mill wheels. This creates a very fine powder which completely dissolves when well-whisked, meaning the entire leaf is drunk. The concentrated green tea powder is full of nutrients.

Matcha Horaii Organic


Rooibos Hot Chocolate – Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Rooibos Hot Chocolate is one to try if chocolate is your go-to treat! This indulgent blend of fine Rooibos. Rooibos is enhanced with hints of Irish cream, vanilla and cocoa. This aromatic 'hot chocolate' is a sumptuous treat without calories and no caffeine, and it's ideal as a tea latte.

Rooibos Hot Chocolate loose leaf tea


Joy of Tea Masala Chai Tea Bags

Our Joy of Tea Masala Chai is a commanding Assam expertly blended with exotic spices.

Containing black tea (Assam), ginger, anise, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds, the Indian tea classic is aromatic and an absolute delight. The real-leaf tea is packaged in a large teabag that provides all the space the teas need to unfurl and deliver full flavour.

Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing. It is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Joy of Tea Masala Chai teabgs


Cinnamon Cocoa Organic – Loose-Leaf Tea

Our organic Cinnamon Cocoa tea is a warming and comforting flavoured black tea. The expertly blended loose-leaf Assam tea is paired with cinnamon, ginger and cocoa nibs. The brewed tea feels and tastes luxurious with velvety chocolatey cocoa and gently spiced nuances. The flavours in this tea blend are extra indulgent with frothy milk and honey.

Cinnamon Cocoa loose leaf tea



Masala Chai Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Masala Chai is a delightfully spiced black Assam tea combined with chai spices bursting with flavour. This exotic tea from India contains loose-leaf black tea, ginger, star anise, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon and fennel. We love it best with frothy milk and sugar as a tea latte.

Masala Chai loose leaf tea



Rooibos Chai Loose-Leaf Tea

Our caffeine-free Rooibos Chai tea is a wonderful Rooibos blend with Indian spices that make a delicious Chai tea.

Enjoy the full spectrum of flavours, including Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, anise, cloves & cardamom, for an earthy and spiced brew. Add frothy coconut milk and sugar, and relax.

Rooibos Chai



Basic Tea Latte Recipe


What You'll Need

2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea or 2 tea bags

170ml water

70 cup milk – dairy, almond, coconut,

Sweetener (optional) – honey, sugar, sweetener, date syrup

Milk frother



1. Boil fresh water

2. Put tea and hot water into a teapot and steep as per packet instructions

3. Strain tea leaves

4. Stir in sweetener

5. Froth the milk using an electric milk frother which heats and froths the milk. Or whip up warned milk in a pan with a whisk

6. Find your favourite tea mug, cup or glass, pour in the tea and add the milky froth

7. Sprinkle powdered cinnamon or chocolate if you wish



Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Chai Tea is so versatile that it has been reincarnated into many infusions and brews. Chai tea lattes are full of warming flavours and are the ultimate autumnal drink.



Chai Loose leaf tea (a teaspoon per person)

Filtered boiled water

1/2 cup (120ml) whole milk or dairy-free alternative

Honey or brown sugar to taste

Cinnamon or nutmeg to sprinkle



1. Brew the Chai loose-leaf tea with freshly boiled water for 3 to 4 for a sweeter, milder latte or up to 8 minutes for a bolder flavour

2. We recommend a slightly stronger brew, so use a slightly heaped teaspoon per cup

3. Warm the milk in a pan and then whisk to get a frothy texture

4. Combine the milk with the Chai tea.

5. Add honey or sugar to taste

6. Sprinkle a dusting of cinnamon or nutmeg

7. Enjoy!

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10th October 2023

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