Our Favourite Organic Teas

The demand for organic produce is exponentially growing, for a good reason. We want fewer chemicals in what we eat and drink, and we want to impact the planet less. As a result, at Cup of Tea, our organic tea range has grown and grown because we love our teas in their purest forms, and our lovely customers want more organic teas. 

As an online tea shop, we are organic accredited for importing, retailing, wholesaling and repacking. We stock a complete range of organic teas from green to black, white, herbal and fruit. 

Organic Teas


But what makes tea organic? 

Drinking tea boosts your mood and adds antioxidants to your diet, and when it's organic, you can be sure that any nasties, pesticides & chemicals are nowhere to be seen. Although non-organic teas are perfectly safe for consumption, if we consider all the traces of the 'hidden extras', we become more aware of what we're consuming. 

Using chemicals for growing, treating, and preserving tea and other foodstuffs makes the process easier and quicker for the producer. However, we are increasingly choosing more organic tea from growers who value the finished tea product and their crops, land, people and wildlife. It is challenging for larger tea producers to go fully organic due to the scale of their businesses. So we work with smaller tea producers who only use the orthodox methods of producing teas, so we know fewer chemicals are being used even with our non-organic teas. 


We've compiled our favourite organic loose-leaf teas, which we know you'll love. Give them a try!


Organic Silver Yunnan Loose-Leaf Tea

Silver Yunnan Organic



Our organic Silver Yunnan is a full-bodied white tea with soft fruity notes and a delicate flowery finish. The organic tea is grown in the Chinese province of Yunnan and harvested in Spring, making it one of the rarest white teas. The distinctive large leaves are bright and silvery and develop a full flavoured taste with a soft yet fruity touch and lovely flowery finish.









Eco-Friendly Green Dream Teabags

Eco-Friendly Green Dream Teabags



Our Green Dream Teabags boast a fine needle-shaped green tea. The emerald-green leaves are Sencha Asamushi and offer a bright green coloured cup with fine, grassy nuances. 









Organic Darjeeling Badamtam First Flush Loose-Leaf Tea

Darjeeling Badamtam First Flush Organic loose leaf tea



Our organic Darjeeling Badamtam is a top-quality, distinctive Darjeeling tea with the characteristic flavour only one of the best first flush teas will provide. The Badamtam Tea Estate is located about 17kms from Darjeeling town and at an altitude ranging between 305 - 1830 meters above sea level. It is famed for its First Flush teas. This particular

Darjeeling is a premium First Flush with a memorable fresh, flowery taste and a delicacy that only a Spring harvest can bring.








Organic Verbena Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea

Verbena Organic



Our organic Verbena loose-leaf herbal tea has an incredible lemony aroma and a smooth and delicate finish. 

Naturally caffeine-free, this delicious herb is grown in Portugal, where the climate is the secret ingredient. 

Lemon Verbena contains essential oils that intensify during drying and are released as the leaves are brewed. As a result, the fragrance of lemon sherbet is exceptional.








Organic White Jasmine Loose-Leaf Tea

White Jasmine Organic loose leaf tea


Our organic White Jasmine tea is a delicate and flowery organic white tea with jasmine notes. A sweet and fresh tea from the Longkou Tea Garden in China has succeeded in creating extraordinary teas.

Once the tea leaves are carefully dried, the silvery-green tea leaves are infused with fresh jasmine blossoms creating a fragrant and delicious tea. 









Organic Assam Garden Loose-Leaf Tea

Assam Garden Organic loose leaf tea



Our organic Assam Garden is a strong and malty organic Assam from North-East India. The area of Assam is at a high plateau located in the North-East of India on both sides of the river Brahmaputra. Our tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic

tea growing.

We love this tea with a dash of milk which works perfectly well with the rich, spicy and malty notes.







Organic Rooibos Super Grade Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea

Rooibos Super Grade Organic


Our organic Rooibos Super Grade tea is a naturally caffeine-free tea that is soft and pleasant. Grown in the Cedar mountains close to the cape of South Africa, Rooibos or Redbush tea is the national beverage. 

Our Organic Rooibos is soft and pleasant with full-bodied, earthy notes. It is naturally caffeine-free, rich in Vitamin C and does not get bitter even if brewed slightly too long. 

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29th June 2022

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