What makes tea organic?

Your day deserves good tea, so why not start it with beautiful organic tea

At Cup of Tea, our organic tea range is growing due to demand from our lovely customers, so we offer an extensive range of organic teas and infusions to suit all tastes. Our organic teas are certified organic by the Biodynamic Association, and we stock a complete range of certified organic teas from green to black, white, herbal and fruit.

So, what makes tea organic? 

What makes tea organic

Drinking tea boosts your mood and adds antioxidants to your diet, and when it's organic, you can be sure that any nasties, pesticides & chemicals are nowhere to be seen. This is important considering how much tea we all drink! Imagine every cup of tea you have in the day has some traces of harmful particles from chemical pesticides, fungicides, fertilisers or herbicides, and you begin to view your drinking habits a little differently. 

It's known that using chemicals for growing, treating, and preserving tea makes the process easier and quicker for the tea producer. However, we are increasingly choosing more organic tea from growers who value the finished tea product and their crops, their land's agriculture, and the wildlife that lives among it. Using fewer chemicals in producing all foodstuff is better at slowing down global warming because less CO2 is released into the atmosphere, so fundamentally better for humankind. Where the soil is chemical-free, it's not just wildlife that suffers from aggressive chemical use, but the workers who pick and process the tea leaves are exposed. Reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals is crucial if we think of the bigger picture, so we're all for organic teas. It is challenging for larger tea producers to go fully organic due to the scale of their businesses. We work with smaller tea producers who only use the orthodox methods of producing teas, so we know fewer chemicals are being used even with our non-organic teas. 

We've compiled our favourite organic loose-leaf teas, which we know you'll love. Give them a try!


*NEW* Darjeeling Singell – Organic Black Loose-leaf Tea 

Our new organic Darjeeling Singell is a fantastic first flush tea with slight flowery notes.

This tea is in a class of its own, from one of the oldest tea gardens in India. The hand-rolled tea buds are light-coloured, making this loose-leaf tea an absolute pleasure. The golden yellow brewed cup colour enhances this high-quality tea.

Darjeeling Singell Organic 


*NEW* Muscatel Dragon Organic – Organic Black Loose-leaf Tea

Our new Muscatel Dragon is an exceptional organic Chinese black tea masterfully crafted with tangy muscatel notes and a nutty, full-bodied taste. The loose-leaf black tea does not only have an impressive flavour, but the dragon pearl style leaves look beautiful too. 

Muscatel Dragon Organic



Cui Min White Tips - Organic White Loose-leaf Tea

Our Cui Min White Tips tea is an excellent White Tea with slightly sweet natural berry notes.

Picked by hand during March and April, Cui Min tea is produced only using the first fresh buds and the youngest unopened leaves. The careful processing by hand results in an outstanding White Tea with lightly tart berry notes and elegant, sweet nuances to finish. The brewed tea appears bright, clear, and light-yellow colour in the cup.

Cui Min White Tips Organic


Silver Needle – Organic White Loose-leaf Tea

Our Silver Needle is an exceptionally high-quality Chinese White Tea with gentle, stunning floral notes. The leaves are twisted and shaped into long silvery needles by hand, and Yin Zhen literally translates to Silver Needle. Our organic Silver Needle is carefully produced using only the freshest unopened buds of the Pai Hao tea plant. This White Tea is harvested in just two spring days of the year to produce 1kg of finished Silver Needle tea. You need 30,000 fresh unopened buds!

The unique climate gives the White Tea a blossom-like fragrance, an almost sweet flavour that gives an extraordinary drinking experience and a light-green cup.

Silver Needle Organic


*NEW* Date Vanilla Organic - Organic Rooibos Loose-leaf Tea

Our Date Vanilla tea is one of our new favourites! The caffeine-free tea's delicious blend of organic Rooibos with dates and vanilla feels creamy and luxurious. So, if you like silky tea with a light sweetness, you'll enjoy our Date Vanilla blend. 

Date Vanilla Organic


Nana Mint - Organic Spearmint Loose-leaf Tea

Our Nana Mint is a Spearmint tea of pure aromatic leaves containing natural essential oils. In Arabic, na'na' means mint and is also known as Moroccan Mint. Our spearmint has large leaves and is a distinctively sweet-scented mint plant that tastes a little zingy and refreshing. We love this Spearmint tea after a meal or in the evening. 

Nana Mint Organic


Gunpowder – Organic Green Loose-leaf Tea

Our organic Gunpowder loose-leaf tea is a smooth green tea with a light taste.

The name 'Gunpowder' derives from its process, as once the leaves have been withered and steamed, they are rolled into small pellets without breaking the leaf veins, so the enzymes within the leaf are not released. These are then dried. The pellets look remarkably like gunshot or gunpowder, giving the tea its descriptive name.

Gunpowder Organic



Morimoto Mai Bancha – Organic Green Loose-leaf Tea

Our Morimoto Mai Bancha is the perfect Japanese Bancha for any green tea lover. Certified organic, this Mai Bancha is characterised by delicate floral notes that give the tea a pleasant freshness. Due to the low caffeine content, the Hayashi Mai-Bancha is an ideal all-day green tea.

Produced in one day, the leaves are second picking after the first harvest. The re-grown leaves are slightly thicker than the original growth, so the finished tea is not needle-shaped but folded flat.

Morimoto Mai Bancha Organic


You can discover our entire organic tea range here


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14th February 2022

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