Chocolate Tea Blends

It's time to indulge a little, and we love a treat now and again. A tea infused with chocolate couldn't be more indulgent, so we have a little teat for you. Natural cacao nibs feature in a few of our teas, and the slightly sweet yet rich flavours lend themselves very well to black and rooibos teas. 

One of our favourite chocolatey teas has to be Cinnamon Cocoa. The loose-leaf black tea blend is comforting thanks to the cacao nibs and warming with hints of cinnamon and ginger. This tea is perfect on its own or with a touch of brown sugar for an extra indulgent yum-factor. 

Treat yourself to a unique chocolatey tea and discover a new favourite!

Cinnamon Cocoa loose leaf tea


Cinnamon Cocoa – Loose-Leaf Black Tea

Our organic Cinnamon Cocoa tea is a warming and comforting flavoured black tea. The expertly blended loose-leaf Assam tea is paired with cinnamon, ginger and cocoa nibs. The brewed tea feels and tastes luxurious with velvety chocolatey cocoa and gently spiced nuances. 

Our customers say, "This is an excellent tea. I was not so sure about the cocoa nibs, but they really enhance the cinnamon."

Cinnamon Cocoa loose leaf tea


Cinnamon Cocoa how to brew


Irish Malt – Loose-Leaf Black Tea

One of our all-time favourite teas, this delicious loose-leaf tea has been specially selected for its robust, spicy Assam flavours. Irish Malt tea is accented with hints of Irish whisky flavour and authentic cocoa pieces. The extravagant taste makes this a delightful tea malty and utterly tea-licious!

Our customers say, "So happy I found this tea again. A hearty black tea with notes of malt whiskey and chocolate."

Irish Malt loose leaf tea

Rooibos Hot Chocolate – Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea

Our Rooibos Hot Chocolate is one to try if chocolate is your go-to treat! This indulgent blend of fine rooibos is enhanced with hints of Irish cream, vanilla and cocoa. This aromatic 'hot chocolate' is a sumptuous treat without the calories and no caffeine. So what's not to like? 

Our customers say, "My favourite!"

Rooibos Hot Chocolate loose leaf tea


Rooibos Chocolate Truffle – Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea

Our Rooibos Chocolate Truffle is another indulgent and utterly delicious chocolatey tea. Naturally caffeine-free, this fine rooibos tea is produced in South Africa. It is expertly blended with natural vanilla, cacao nibs, and marigold blossoms to create sweet chocolate truffle notes.

Rooibos Chocolate Truffle loose leaf tea



Chocolate Notes

We also have two beautiful teas, white and black, from the Dongzhai region in China that benefit from chocolatey notes. These hints are entirely natural and occur without any blending or infusing. 


China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai Organic – Loose-leaf Black Tea 

Our organic China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai is an exquisite mellow, earthy black tea with a sweet finishing note. A first-grade black tea from the Dongzhai tea gardens of Yunnan, China, only a single bud with the first fresh leaf is plucked from the tea plant to create this impressive black tea.

This particular tea can be brewed more than once. The first brew yields soft, full-bodied nuances and notes of wild forest honey. The second brew offers a milder tea with chocolatey sweetness. Our customers say, "An excellent delicate tea with an earthy taste."

China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai Organic



White Yunnan Moonlight Dongzhai Organic - Loose-leaf White Tea

Our White Yunnan is a first-grade White Tea. The impressive dark leaves are reminiscent of a night's sky, while the light velvety texture of the leaf reflects the moon. The leaves are predominantly large, and the buds show an abundance of fluffy, silvery-white 'pekoe'. 

This exquisite organic Chinese white tea is grown in Dongzhai, situated amongst the Wuliang mountains at an altitude of 1500m. The White Tea offers lovely floral notes with hints of cocoa. It is soft on the palate with a fragrant, sweet and aromatic finish. The unique taste has delicate fruity notes and offers a golden yellow cup.

Our customers say, "I've bought this several times for my dad, and he insists that it's the best white tea around!"

White Yunnan Moonlight Dongzhai Organic



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15th September 2021

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