Ultimate Breakfast Teas

Breakfast has to be one of the most important meals of the day. Yet often, we either rush through it or simply miss it. Perhaps you start with a bowl of your favourite muesli or a bacon bap, but whatever your schedule is in the mornings, it will pay dividends in wellness points if you do it with at least one quality cup of breakfast tea. 

We have a brilliant range of loose-leaf and tea bag teas ideal for getting you up and running in the morning. We offer classic black teas that everyone enjoys, a handful of speciality black teas with robust and flavourful characteristics and a few best-sellers. We also have a great collection of caffeine free teas for those avoiding caffeine. 

Ultimate Breakfast Teas

Don't delay! Start your day the right way with our Ultimate Breakfast Teas Guide. 


English Breakfast - Loose-leaf Tea

Our loose-leaf English Breakfast is a robust and fruity, full-flavoured tea, one of the best ways to start the day. The premium tea is produced in the Uva Highland, renowned for its fruity and lively qualities. We love it with a bit of milk and sugar.

English Breakfast loose leaf tea


Ceylon Orange Pekoe – Loose-leaf Tea

Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is a classic black Ceylon tea that is full-bodied and aromatic. A well-balanced leaf tea blend, it is produced in the tea estates of the Dimbula district in the South-West of Ceylon.  This is an excellent loose-leaf tea, perfect for iced teas or hot with a splash of milk.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe



Builder's Cup – Loose-leaf Tea 

Our Builder's Cup is a rather delightful blend of Assam and Java tea leaves.  The mixture of strong Assam with characterful Java creates a golden-brown cup when brewed. An exciting take on 'builder's tea', perfect with a dash of milk and sugar to taste.

Builder's Cup loose leaf tea


English Breakfast St. Andrews – Loose-leaf Tea

Our English Breakfast St. Andrews is a robust and full-bodied breakfast tea. A dark colour when brewed, this traditional tea has a hearty feel that stays true to the exacting standards of the popular tea. This tea is good any time of day or in a classic iced tea.

English Breakfast St Andrews loose leaf tea


English Breakfast St. James – Loose-leaf Tea

Our English Breakfast St. James teas is a tangy and sparkling Ceylon tea that is perfect with breakfast. Harvested from summer onwards, this exuberant Ceylon tea comes with a charismatic tangy fullness and offers a red-golden cup when brewed. 

English Breakfast St James loose leaf tea


Teavelope Breakfast Tea - Stronger Brew Tea Bags

If you like your tea extra strong and bold, then our English Breakfast – Extra Strong – Teavelope Tea Bags are for you. This black tea is punchy, strong with hints of malt and spice. It's delicious with milk and sugar, depending on taste. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope Breakfast Tea


Joy of Tea - English Breakfast Tea Bags

Our Joy of Tea English Breakfast tea bags a filled with a blend of the best of Ceylon Uva Highland tea leaves. The large teabag provides all the space these lovely teas need to unfurl and deliver their flavour. Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing It is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Joy of Tea English Breakfast Teabags


Caffeine Free


Light & Late Decaffeinated Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea

If you love tea but want caffeine-free, then our English Breakfast' Light & Late' – Decaffeinated Loose-Leaf Tea is for you! With the classic tangy and fruity Ceylon taste, this tea has been decaffeinated using the gentle CO2 method, ensuring that the full-bodied taste remains.

Light & Late Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea



Best Balance – Loose-leaf Herbal Tea

Our Best Balance Tea is a smooth blend of Rooibos tea with honeybush, aniseed, fennel, camomile with the taste of honey. A naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion is a balanced blend of a bold red bush with enlivening herbs.

Best Balance loose leaf tea



Peppermint – Loose-leaf Herbal Tea

Pure mint tea at its best! Our Peppermint tea contains nothing but. The mint herb is cool and refreshing, 100% caffeine-free, and the Peppermint leaves have a pure natural menthol character that revitalises and relaxes. We love it most after a meal.

Peppermint loose leaf tea

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3rd September 2021

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