Our Cup of Tea Favourites

We've been in the tea business for decades and know a thing or two about good tea. Our team have their favourites, as do our customers, so, we've decided to share our best-sellers. You'll find an exciting mix of fruit tea, classic black teas and flavoured green teas that have been a firm favourite with new and returning customers. You'll also find some of our favourite tea wares and accessories to help you create the perfect cup of tea. 

Our Cup of Tea Favourites


Our Cup of Tea Favourites


Rhubarb Cream Loose Leaf Tea

Our Rhubarb Cream Loose-Leaf Tea is a heavenly fruity and fresh rhubarb blend tea rounded off with the delicate sweetness of real bourbon vanilla.

The creamy and sweet rhubarb tea infusion contains rhubarb and apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip peel, pineapple, mango and papaya, with fragrant marigold blossoms.

Our customers say, "Rhubarb Cream Tea tastes rather indulgent. The rhubarb element is very subtle and quite delicious."

Rhubarb Cream loose leaf tea


Morning Dew Loose Leaf Tea

Our Morning Dew is our best-selling and award-winning flavoured green tea. The blend is expertly composed of large-leaf Sencha green tea with sunflower, rose, and cornflower blossoms with mango and citrus nuances. It's delicious and refreshing, and once you try it, you'll never go back!

Our customers say, "Great tea! Quality is outstanding, and the flavour is delicious."

Morning Dew loose leaf tea


Irish Malt Loose Leaf Tea

One of our all-time favourite teas, this delicious loose-leaf tea has been specially selected for its robust, spicy Assam flavours. Irish Malt tea is flavoured with hints of Irish whisky flavour and authentic cocoa pieces. The extravagant taste makes this a delightful tea malty and utterly tea-licious!

Our customers say, "So happy I found this tea again. A hearty black tea with notes of malt whiskey and chocolate."

Irish Malt loose leaf tea


Teavelope English Breakfast Teabags

If you like your tea extra strong and bold, then our English Breakfast – Extra Strong – Teavelope Tea Bags are for you. This black tea is punchy, strong with hints of malt and spice. It's delicious with milk and sugar, depending on taste. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope English Breakfast Stronger Tea


JOT Rooibos Cream Orange Teabags

One of our other favourites, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon and delicious hot or made into a cooler. Our customers say: "This tea is amazing! It's the best version of rooibos tea I've ever had."

Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange teabags


Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Pure mint tea at its best! Our Peppermint tea contains nothing but. The mint herb is cool and refreshing, 100% caffeine-free, and the Peppermint leaves contain a pure natural menthol character that revitalises and relaxes. We love it most after a meal.

Our customers say, "This Peppermint tea is simply lovely. Very refreshing, and I would highly recommend it. I have been drinking this particular tea for years and would not wish to be without it."

Ronnefeldt Peppermint



Our Best-Selling Teaware & Accessories



Tea Filter Bags Extra Long

Our extra longer paper filters are perfect for loose-tea and infusions. They are 100% compostable and simply removed once brewing is complete. Long enough for teapots but also great for mugs!

Our customers say. "These are a great way to avoid those unwanted tea leaves at the bottom of your teapot or mug. Long enough not to risk them falling in!"

Tea Filter Bags Extra Long



Stainless Steel Tea Ball 4.5cm

Our stainless-steel tea ball is the ideal accessory for loose-leaf tea fans. The infuser tea ball comes with fine mesh and a chain link for easy usage, meaning you can use this tea ball to make the perfect tea time and time again. 

Our customers say, "Ideal and easy to use. I use mine both in the house and take it to work too. Easy to wash and clean out the tea leaves with minimal effort."



Chalk Field Tea Caddy 200g

Our Tubular Chalk Field tea caddies are ideal for organising your kitchen. Each utilitarian tea tin comes with a chalkboard panel, so you'll never mix up your teas again! The tea caddies come with round slip-on lids for ultimate freshness. 

Our customers say, "These are beautiful simple tea caddies. And being able to write on them is fab! I use them all for my different teas, and there is ample space for descriptions!"

Chalk Field Tea Caddy 200g


Africa Tea Caddy 125g

Our Africa Tea Caddy is an eye-catching tea storage solution and comes in two designs. 'Elephant' is a beautiful tin embossed with rich, warm colours and elephants with gold set on a burnt-red background. 'Savannah' is an African inspired design featuring animals, people and vegetation reminiscent of the Savannah itself. This caddy is a decorative touch to any home with metallic touches and a spiral pattern on the lid. The Africa Tea Caddy comes with a round screw fit lid.

Our customers say. "Beautiful elephant tea caddy fits my 100g of loose-leaf green perfectly. Looks gorgeous and is of excellent quality. A treat to use and look at!”

Africa Tea Caddy


Wooden Tea Box for 6 Tins

The Bredemeijer set is ideal for tea lovers. The beautiful wooden box, with a lid, contains six tea tins ideal for loose-leaf tea and tea bags.

Our customers say, "I love this box so much I'm buying another one! It really is a great product for tea lovers."

Wooden Tea Box with 6 Tins


Xilin Cast Iron Range

We have a fantastic selection of cast iron teapots ranging in sizes and styles. Our cast iron teapots are available in various colours, including black, red, blue and green. They have a stainless-steel filter for effortless tea brewing and an enamelled interior for easy cleaning.

Our classic Xilin Teapots are designed in the traditional Japanese style and are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and a trivet. The teapots are glazed on the inside and include a stainless-steel filter.

Our best-selling colourway is Blue/Black for teapot and matching cups

Our customers say, "My wife loves the teapot. It looks great and makes an even better brew."

Xilin Cast Iron Teapot

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25th August 2021

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