How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of experience in making tea.  And we have discovered that there are a handful of factors that will ensure the perfect, most delicious cup every time. It’s not rocket science or even complicated, but little factors such as timing, or even the temperature of the water, can make a good cuppa fantastic!

As a certified organic retailer, we stock both organic and non-organic teas. This may be of significance to you if you’re interested in wellness or ethical shopping. Our entire tea range holds something for everyone, so if you’re after organic teas, we’re the tea shop for you!

Let’s start with the tea itself. Choose from our extensive yet handpicked range, which includes loose-leaf teagreenblackwhite teas and oolong tea. If you love herbal tea and fruit infusions, you will find both the latest blends and classics like peppermint.

Now let’s consider the all-important teapot. Would you opt for glass, ceramic or cast iron? If it’s style and longevity that you’re after, read on.



Pucheng Cast-Iron Teapot - Black 1.3L

Our new Pucheng Cast-iron teapot is a classic yet stylish teapot with a stainless steel and enamelled interior. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is retained.

Fitted with a stainless-steel filter for loose tea, this teapot serves 6-8 cups

Pucheng Cast Iron Teapot



Tibet Cast Iron Teapot - Black 1.2L

Our new Tibet modern cast iron teapot comes with an enamelled interior & a stainless-steel filter for loose tea. Thanks to the sturdy cast-iron, the tea stays hotter for longer, and the flavour is retained.

Fitted with a stainless-steel filter for loose tea, this teapot serves 6 cups.

Tibet Cast Iron Teapot




Tea accessories can play an important part in how you brew your tea. We love loose-leaf tea, so a few handy reusable gadgets are beneficial.


Paradox Tea Timers

Because brewing tea for the optimum time gives you the perfect cup, we always time our brewing. Our Paradox Tea Timers are ideal for tea fan, whether brewing loose-leaf or bagged tea. These smartly designed tea timers are modern in style and come in a variety of lively colours.

Paradox Tea Timer

Our customers say, "Really vibrantly coloured timer, fascinating to watch it change ends. The perfect size. Can't recommend it enough."


Stainless Steel Large Tea Egg

Our tea eggs have two netted halves that lock together with a twist mechanism. The hooked chain can be held in suspension to help the tea brew for fuss-free loose-leaf tea. 

Our customers say, "Great little tealeaf/bag holder. Easy to use and no more searching for tea bags or straining out the tea leaves. Great value."


It is a fact that teas, along with other foodstuffs, benefits from being stored in the dark, so non-transparent containers are perfect (sorry, jars!). Our range of metal and stainless-steel containers are food-safe and can be used over and over again. We have an extensive range of tea caddies that suit all tastes.




Mandala Tea Caddy 150g

Our new Mandala tea caddies are elaborately embossed and come with two lids, an outer and inner, for extra freshness.

Available in two colours:

Ebony: Dark grey caddy with gorgeous embossed metallic brown/rust coloured mandala geometric pattern.

Powder: Cream/blush pink caddy with gorgeous embossed metallic brown mandala geometric pattern.

150g is an approximate capacity measurement. This will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.

Mandala Tea Cadies



Opera Tea Caddy

Our new 80s inspired Opera caddies are fun and colourful. They are perfect for your teas and other foodstuffs!

The design is notably vibrant and brightly coloured and comes in three red, yellow, and green caddies with plug-style lids.

Opera Tea Caddies



Teaware can also have an impact on enjoying the perfect cup of tea. If you’re on the move or in the office, we have something just for you.




Leeza Bottles

Our Leeza bottles are ideal for hydrations on the go. They come with extra features that allow this bottle to carry your favourite teas. The bottles will keep your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks toasty.

The Leeza bottle design is double-walled and comes with a removable (and reusable) stainless-steel filter strainer, perfect for loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions. Added features include single-hand operation, BPA free plastic and the Leeza bottles come in seven designs.

Leeza Drinking Bottle 0.5L Leeza Drinking Bottle 0.5L



Zaara Herb Mugs Matt Colourways 0.35L

Our porcelain matt Zaara Herb Mugs are the perfect infuser mug for one. Great at home or in the office, they are ideal for perfectly brewing loose-leaf teas and infusions. The infuser mugs come in four enticing matt colours - matt berry red, matt grey, matt petrol and matt sky blue to suit every taste. A part of our Zaara Teapot range, the Herb Mugs come with a removable stainless-steel strainer and lid for effortless brewing. They are created from high-quality porcelain; they are beautifully modern in design and are smooth to the touch and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Zaara Herb Tea Mug x4 colours


If you’re all set with your favourite teas and accessories, but have a loved one who could do with a treat, then why not check out our tea gift sets?





Earl Grey Gift Set

Our Earl Grey Gift Set is perfect for fans of the famously fragrant black tea.

We've teamed a delicious loose-leaf Princess Grey tea with a Japanese style tea caddy and filter basket for your tea leaves.

The Earl Grey Tea Gift Set contains: 

100g Princess Grey - A gentle earl grey, fresh with a hint of citrus

Lumi Tea Caddy 150g - Japanese style caddy with soft feel paper wrap finishing

Stainless Steel Filter Basket, Small - Stainless steel filter basket with very fine mesh

Earl Grey Tea Gift Set



Black Tea and Tin Gift Box

Treat your loves ones or your good self to our delightful Black Tea Gift Box.

We’ve handpicked a lovely selection which includes two delicious loose-leaf black teas, a gorgeous set of tea caddies, a tea timer and a tea ball - everything you need to make your favourite cup of tea!

Black Tea Gift BoxBlack Tea Gift Box



Here’s How to Perfectly Brew Your Favourite Teas

(Please refer to individual packaging for optimum brewing time).


How to Brew Herbal & Fruit Teas (including Rooibos)

How to brew Herbal and fruit teas

  • Boil (filtered) water in a kettle
  • For every cup/mug of water, take one heaped teaspoonful of herbal tea
  • Pour the boiling water over the tea or in a tea egg or tea filter
  • Cover the pot or cup and allow the infusion to brew for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Strain the tea and serve hot – or can be cooled and drank chilled


How to Brew Green Tea

How to brew Green Tea

  • Boil filtered cold water
  • Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer or filter basket
  • Pour over the hot (80 degrees) water
  • Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time (2-3 minutes)
  • Strain the tea
  • Sweeten with sugar lumps or honey the tea to taste (we don’t recommend adding milk!)



How to Brew White Tea


  • Boil fresh (filtered) water and leave to cool slightly.
  • Place your white tea in a tea strainer or infuser
  • Pour over the hot (80 degrees) water
  • Steep the tea for 2-3 minutes
  • Strain the tea


How to Brew Black Tea 

How to brew Black Tea

  • Boil freshly poured cold water
  • Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer/teapot
  • Pour the hot water over the leaves
  • Steep the tea for 3-4 minutes
  • Strain the tea or discard the leaves
  • Add a slice of lemon, honey or dash of milk





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26th May 2021

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