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Don’t compromise on taste, enjoy our loose-leaf tea varieties in innovative Joy of Tea teabag form, at home or on the go! Our Joy of Tea teabags are perfect for an individual mug or cup. The extra- large teabags are made from natural fibres which allow plenty of space for the tea leaves and infusions to unfurl and release their full flavour and aroma. The Joy of Tea teabag is a specially designed tag which clips neatly onto the cup or mug handle and shows the ideal brewing time for each tea. If you're looking for the very best tea in innovative and convenient teabags, then look no further. You’ll taste the difference with every sip. Joy of Tea features real loose-leaf tea varieties and there is truly something for everyone with tastes to suit all. Don’t compromise on taste and give our Joy of Tea teabags a go! 

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Rooibos Cream Orange

One of our all-time favourites, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold South African Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon, and is delicious hot or made into a cooler. 

Our customers say: "This tea is amazing! It's the best version of rooibos tea I’ve ever had.”

Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange teabags

Rooibos Cream Orange Joy of Tea teabags can be found here

Rooibos Cream Orange loose-leaf tea can be found here.



Morning Dew

Our Morning Dew is a green tea that is gently scented with mango and citrus. This is one of our best-sellers and a tea that many customers love. It has a charming composition, made up of large leaf sencha with delicately fruity aroma and petals, which make this tea a delicious green tea.

Our customers say: "Fresh and beautifully balanced. Perfect tea to start the day with."

Joy of Tea Morning Dew Teabags

Morning Dew Joy of Tea teabags can be found here.

Morning Dew loose-leaf tea can be found here.



Darjeeling Organic

Our organic Darjeeling Summer Gold tea is an elegantly top-class tea with delicious muscatel flavour. The tea leaves are hand-picked in the summer to ensure the finest quality of tea for this slightly more robust Darjeeling. 
We recommend brewing a level teaspoon for each cup or mug for 2 - 3 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.

Our customers say: “This Darjeeling is my first cup of the day. It has such a fresh, flavoursome taste which I think is best without milk. A really beautiful cup of tea."

Joy of Tea Darjeeling Organic teabags

Organic Darjeeling Joy of Tea teabags can be found here.

Organic Darjeeling loose-leaf tea can be found here.



Joy of Tea Taster Box

Our ultimate collection of Joy of Tea teabags comes in a tasty variety box of thirteen different teas. Try something new each day and discover your new favourites.

Joy of Tea Teabags Taster Box

The Taster Box contains:

1 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g Darjeeling * Summer Gold **
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g English Breakfast
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.6 g Royal Assam
1 Joy of Tea® x 2, 3 g Earl Gray
1 Joy of Tea® x 4.3 g Masala Chai
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.4 g Lung Ching
2 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g (= 5.0 g) Morgentau®
2 Joy of Tea® x 4.0g (= 8.0g) Ginger & Lemon
1 Joy of Tea® x 1.4g Mint & Fresh
1 Joy of Tea® x 3.0g Rooibos Cream Orange
1 Joy of Tea® x 3 , 0 g Wellness **
1 Joy of Tea® x 3.6 g Fruit Power
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.9g Winter Harmony



Need a ‘New’ Favourite Tea Glass to go with that?

We have a great range of teaware and tea accessories to match all our loose-leaf and teabag teas. Our range includes tall elegant tea glasses and handy tea mugs that come with removable strainers for either teabags or tea leaves. We also stock a wide range of teapots and timers for the perfect brew every time.
Find out full range here!

Stackable Tea Glass and Saucer SetZaara Herb Tea Mug



How to Brew Joy of Tea

Whether you want to use the loose leaves or try a tea bag infusion, the standard process is the same.

The standard process is as follows:

  1. Boil some freshly poured cold (filtered) water
  2. Place the tea bag into your mug – make sure the handy hook is clipped onto the mug
  3. Pour the hot water into the cup
  4. Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time
  5. Add a dash of milk to taste, sweeten if required
  6. Sit back and enjoy!


Brewing Table

  1 Tea Bag


 2 – 10 Minutes – please check for individual brewing times on the label


 A variety of different colours ranging from: Brown, Light Brown, Golden Brown, Orange/Brown, Yellow, Light Yellow.


NOTE: Please read the individual brewing instructions on each pack of tea as green tea needs a slightly lower temperature than black tea, and fruit and herbal teas benefit from a longer brewing time.


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15th July 2020

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