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Cup of Tea's Gift Edit 

The festive season has arrived at Cup of Tea, and there's an abundance of tea gifts for you to enjoy. 

Our gift edit makes treating loved ones a breeze! So, If you're buying for a special friend, colleague or a family member, we have a vast selection of hand-selected loose-leaf teas, tea bags, tea accessories, teaware and accessories!

From classic teas to special infusions, choose from ceramic or cast-iron teapots, discover our range of iconic tea timers and beautiful tea caddies to keep the tea fresh. There is something for everyone in our latest tea gift edit. 



1. Teas, Teapots and Tea Timers
















For the gentlemen in your life, we've selected the Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange Teabags. The high quality, caffeine-free Rooibos tea is expertly blended with the freshness of oranges and velvety vanilla cream. The innovative teabag design is larger than the average and provides all the space these tasty infusions need to unfurl and deliver their flavour. Each teabag has an inventive clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing.

Perfect timing equals the perfect cup, and we believe that everyone should own a tea timer to get the best out of each brew. Our Paradox Tea Timers come in a variety of colours, including blue, pink, black, yellow, green, lime green, red and orange, which is our favourite!

Our Teavelope Winterdream Teabags are another rich Rooibos tea with the powerful aromas of winter spices, creamy caramel and oranges. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness which offers a delicious cup. 

Not just any old teapot, our Zero Teapots come in a variety of colourful glazes (our favourites are 'carrot' and 'oolong') and suit every taste. Each ceramic teapot comes with a stainless steel tea strainer for loose-leaf teas which makes brewing your favourite tea super easy. 

Another great precision tea timer is our Paradox Soul Tea Timer. The Paradox hourglass doesn't run against time as the other versions do, but the glass beads are 'heavy metal (silver)' and 'worth their weight in gold'. This hourglass flows from top to bottom as it is filled with real glass beads which are heavier than the other pellets.


2. Tea Caddy Sets
















Our Japanese-inspired Yumiko tea caddies come in three colours - petrol, black and gold and are double-lidded for extra freshness. The classic caddie designs can last a lifetime and keep your tea from adopting other aromas and flavours.



 1. Tea and Tea Caddies
















For a thoughtful and unique gift for the special lady in your life, look no further than our fine Kyoko Japanese tea caddies. Finished with wrapped ornate 'washi' Japanese paper, the stainless-steel caddies come with a push-fit lid and inner lid to ensure optimum tea freshness. 

Our Rhubarb Cream is a delicious and delicately sweet fruit tea that is fresh with flavours of rhubarb and genuine bourbon vanilla. Naturally caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed any time of the day, morning, noon and night. 


2. Tea Caddies
















And what better way to store your favourite new tea? In a tea caddy of course!

We have a beautiful range of designs to suit any kitchen and our Scandic caddies not only look fabulous, but the two designs in red or blue come in two sizes, have hinged lids, airtight seals and clip-down mechanisms. Perfect for keeping teas fresh and looking good. 

If larger storage is needed for your everyday English Breakfast or Earl Grey teas, then our Leaf tea caddies in rose or green colourways should have you covered!



1. Tea Balls
















Tea balls are one of the best and most environmentally friendly ways of brewing the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea, time and time again. Available in two sizes, the small but perfectly formed tea balls give enough space for the teas to unfurl and brew. These make for great stocking fillers and even Christmas decorations (check out our social handles to find out more!)


 2. Tea Timers
















Another great top-up pressie or stocking filler is a tea timer. Useful, well designed and perfect for tea nerds like us. Our Paradox Tea Timers come in a variety of colours including red, black, yellow, lime green, pink and orange, to name just a few!


 3. Tea Caddies
















Our Lumi tea caddy range is inspired by Japanese design and comes in a soft-feel paper finish. The beautiful teal colourway and simple linear floral design make the Lumi range attractive, unique and intimately useful in keeping tea extra fresh.

If design is as important as function, then our Ayako Japanese tea caddies are also the perfect small gift. The gorgeous paper or 'washi' wrapped caddies are composed of stainless steel structure with a push-fit lid and inner lid, making them the perfect storage container.

Our Indigo tea caddies (500g) come in two designs - lines and diamonds and are perfect for larger volumes. We know that the Indigo range is ideal for storing tea but also for other dried goods such as dried fruit and nuts, pasta, pulses etc.) Handy, attractive and helps to lower our use of plastics which is good for us and the environment!  




 1. Cast Iron Tea Sets
















Our classic Japanese Xilin Cast Iron Teapots are beautifully made and come with two matching cups & trivet. The teapots distribute and retain heat for longer and can last a lifetime. The enamel interior protects the loose-leaf tea whist brewing to ensure the perfect tea every time. 


2. Tea Hampers
















Our Seasonal Tea Hamper collection contains our best-selling festive loose-leaf teas, and a reusable tea ball packaged beautifully in a small wicker hamper. Evoking scents and flavours so synonymous with winter expect a highly aromatic and enticing range of teas. 

Winter Fairy Tale is an Indian black tea with cinnamon, orange and lulo fruit. The fragrance of seasonal spices blended with a delicious tea is quite literally Christmas in a cup!

Mulled Wine is a caffeine-free fruit infusion just like you would expect from Christmas. It's warming, spicy and fruity fragrance with hints of sweetness and deep red colour is almost like the real thing, minus the alcohol! 

Rooibos Snowflurry is a classic winter herbal tea with orange, cinnamon and coconut. The ever-popular naturally caffeine-free South African Rooibos is uniquely blended with typical wintery flavours and aromas.


Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping! x

6th December 2019

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