Our Top 10 Teas and Tea Gifts

Best Tea Caddies - Indra Tea Caddy 150g & 250g

Join the Zero Waste movement by buying loose leaf tea for a fresher taste every time. We have a wide range of stylish and contemporary tea tins and caddies to keep your favourite loose-leaf teas fresher for longer.

One of our favourite tea caddies is the ‘Indra’ vintage-style design by EigenArt. They look great and feature an aroma-seal lid and a practical clip down closure for easy use. 

Available in two colours - yellow lace pattern on pink or pink lace pattern on blue – which come separately or as a pair.

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Best White Tea – Pai Mu Tan

One of our finest white teas is the award-winning Pai Mu Tan by Ronnefeldt. It is an organic loose-leaf white tea, also known as White Peony of the highest quality.

It is delicately flavoured and refreshing, and is only harvested in the spring months, making it a rather sought-after speciality tea.

Those new to white tea, will love this China white-leaved tea for it has a sweet aroma of freshness and light spice brewing a bright, golden-yellow cup.

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Best Tea-for-One – White Cherry

We love this fine bone china Tea-For-One tea set designed for indulging solo.

The delicate cherry blossom design on the cup, saucer and teapot are reminiscent of Japanese gardens and it’s perfect for 2-3 cups.

The high-quality design and materials make our White Cherry tea for one set a popular gift for any tea lover. Being dishwasher safe, it is also perfect for everyday use.

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Best Loose-Leaf Tea – Ronnefeldt Morning Dew

Our award-winning Ronnefeldt Morning Dew, also known as Morgentau. It is a fascinating blend of large-leaf sencha green tea with fruity notes of mango-citrus flavours combined with sunflower, rose and cornflower blossom petals.

This unique combination of delicately fruity aromas and petals make for an unforgettable experience in sight, smell and taste.

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Best Tea Gift Ideas – Wooden Tea Box with Six Tea Tins

The perfect gift idea for tea lovers everywhere, our Bredemeijer tea box is made of a high-quality crafted bamboo wood.

The wooden tea box contains six metal tins with secure lids to contain your favourite loose-leaf teas.

The contemporary design is a statement accessory for any style of kitchen making the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

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Best Wholesale Tea – Ronnefeldt Teas

Ronnefeldt Tea is a supreme quality tea sourced from around the globe.

Ronnefeldt always guarantee the very highest quality and we are proud to be their UK distributor.

We have been providing this exquisite tea to hoteliers, café and restaurant owners and many more businesses for many years.

With ongoing customer service, advice, tea  training and guidance, you can buy our wholesale Ronnefeldt tea with complete confidence.

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Best Tea Bags – Joy of Tea Range

While loose-leaf tea has experienced a huge resurgence in more recent years, many still prefer their tea to come in tea bags. For this reason, we offer Ronnefeldt’s ten most delicious teas in teabag form.

These teabags have been carefully engineered for you to easily be able to brew the perfect cup of tea; made from natural fibres the bags ensure the leaves have the perfect amount of space to infuse.

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Best Teapot – Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot

The distinctively unique design on this Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot is an ingenious feat of engineering. We really love the contemporary and intelligent look of this teapot made from white porcelain.

Designed with the infusion process in mind, the tilting teapot combines style and science in perfect measure.

The teapot has a shelf on which you rest the tea leaves while the tea infuses. Once the tea has brewed you simply tilt the teapot to its alternative resting position making perfectly brewed tea.

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Most Useful Accessories for Loose Leaf Tea – Extra Long Tea Filter Bags

The perfect loose-leaf tea accessory are our extra-long tea filter bags designed to work equally well in a mug or teapot.

These tea filters offer the convenience of tea bags without any compromise on quality of taste or infusion.

Made from compostable material they are kind to the planet meaning you can easily put the filters and loose tea leaves in the compost straight after use.

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Best Black Tea – Assam Leaf Loose Leaf Tea

Assam state is in north-eastern India and is the world's largest tea-growing region. Around half the tea produced in India is grown in Assam.

It is the second flush pickings, often sold as "breakfast" teas, harvested between June and August, which create the typical strong, full spicy and malty character teas that we know and love.

Our Ronnefeldt Assam Leaf loose leaf tea is a powerful black tea produced in full leaf grade. The tea has a solid aromatic character and the cup shows a creamy softness.

The perfect brew if you enjoy your tea with a dash of milk!

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11th February 2019

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