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Loose leaf teas have been our passion for more than twenty years. Because it’s all about the taste for us, we specialise in sourcing and distributing some of the world's finest single estate teas from the gardens in China, Japan, India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and beyond.

Cup of Tea is an emporium for all tea lovers; we offer a unique customer service where you can get in touch and speak to one of our tea experts, discuss your tea requirements and find everything you need – from teapots to tea caddies - for the perfect brew.

We’re also passionate about reducing and eliminating waste, and 95% of our teas are sold as loose-leaf to customers and a growing number Zero Waste shops across the UK and are excited about being part of the global waste-reduction solution.


Our Tea Tasting Workshops

At Cup of Tea, we believe that tea is a vast and exhilarating subject! One that, after years of working in the industry, we know inside out.

Because tea is much loved, and loose leaf tea has seen a renaissance, we run our tea tasting workshops throughout the year.

 Our Tea Tasting Workshop welcomes guests to sample a wide range of orthodox (hand-picked) loose-leaf teas and provides insight into the history of tea; including its origin and the process of careful orthodox production, tea varieties and tastes, also brewing and tasting notes.

Christine, our co-founder and tea expert, will guide you through your tea journey and brew a selection of teas. No matter what your personal tea preferences are, you will sample and discover the delicate white and Chinese green teas, more intense and powerful Japanese green teas, fascinating varieties of Oolong and of course the extensive palette of black teas. The facets of black tea are countless, and we will introduce you to the most important tastes from China, India and Ceylon.

Christine can also offer you advice and samples of naturally caffeine free fruit and herbal infusions.


Come to Somerset

Come to the beautiful Somerset countryside, enjoy the views of the Mendips, and join us at our homestead tasting kitchen where we will share our expertise and knowledge with you during the afternoon.

Our Tea Tastings are not just informative, it is also fun, and you will have plenty of time to discuss your experiences with fellow guests.

When the afternoon is over, we know you will have exhausted your taste buds, and your senses will linger for some time to process the different palette triggers. We will not let you leave hungry and provide some local delicacies like carrot or lemon drizzle cake and sandwiches with Somerset Brie or ham from the farm shop.

Our Cup of Tea tasting workshops are also great gifts for family and friends. We offer vouchers if you are not sure which date to book.









6th February 2019

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