Tea Tasting

Next AVAILABLE Tasting: 2nd May 2024

Tea tasting at CUP OF TEA: How to expand your knowledge, refine your taste and have fun in the process.

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Tea is a vast and fascinating subject - and one that, after years of working in the industry, we know inside out. We love to share our expertise with others, which is why we run tasting workshops from our base in rural Somerset.

At our tastings, you learn about all aspects of tea and its production. We talk to you about the history of tea, and its origins. We explain how it is picked, processed and made into the drink we recognise, and why orthodox production methods yield better-quality. We describe the different varieties, their characteristics and benefits, and how each should be brewed. We explain the role of the tea taster, and why it is so crucial to the production process.

Then, you have the chance to carry out some tea tasting of your own. We brew a selection of teas: black, green, white and oolong, followed by fruit and herbal infusions. We encourage you to taste each variety, to appreciate the differences between each tea, and discern which are to your taste.


Private groups

We run private tasting workshops for groups of six or more - either from our base in the West Country, or at a location to suit you. Please contact us for more information.

Commercial training

We provide in-house training for cafés, hotels and restaurants, and any other business that serves our range. If you would like to get more from your tea offering, and ensure that you are giving your customers the very best, we can provide bespoke training to suit your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Corporate events

Tea tasting provides an unusual, and enjoyable, way of entertaining your corporate guests. We run tailored workshops in most environments - please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


About Us
Cup of Tea launched in 2002 to bring the very best teas to the UK hospitality and retail markets. We specialise in premium leaf teas from the top estates worldwide with our products being served in many first class hotels across the UK.

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