Your Day Deserves Good Tea

Your day deserves good tea, so why not start it with bold and flavoursome organic black teas? We’ve increased our organic tea range to meet with customers’ requests and now offer an extensive range of teas to suit all tastes.

From robust English Tea blends that set you up in the mornings to elegant Darjeeling’s for an afternoon hit. Teas perfect with breakfast, with a piece of cake or any time of the day, we have your organic black teas sorted!


Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Summer Gold OrganicRonnefeldt Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic
An elegant tea with a delicious muscatel aroma - an absolute top class, this summer picking for tea connoisseurs who like it a little stronger Certified Organic
Ronnefeldt Spring Darjeeling OrganicRonnefeldt Spring Darjeeling Organic
Ronnefeldt Spring Darjeeling Organic
Tender and yet flowery Darjeeling tea, harvested in Spring on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Previously known as Nurbong Certified Organic
Ronnefeldt Duke of Grey OrganicRonnefeldt Duke of Grey Organic
Ronnefeldt Duke of Grey Organic
A special organic earl grey tea. A malty Assam black tea blended with a tangy, fresh bergamot flavour.
Ronnefeldt Greenleaf Darjeeling Organic (North Tukvar)Ronnefeldt Greenleaf Darjeeling Organic (North Tukvar)
Ronnefeldt Greenleaf Darjeeling Organic (North Tukvar)
One of the rare green teas from the highlands of northern India. Noble special picking with a delicately fruity, subtle bitter taste Previously known as (Green North Tukvar). Grown from the Chinese tea variety thea sinensis Certified Organic
Ronnefeldt China Yunnan OrganicRonnefeldt China Yunnan Organic
Ronnefeldt China Yunnan Organic
An exceptional China tea with a precious, slightly sweet taste to finish. Yunnan is one of the oldest tea growing areas in China with the history of more than 700 years.
Morning Cuppa OrganicMorning Cuppa Organic
Morning Cuppa Organic
Looking for an uplifting cup of tea? Brew for 3 - 4 minutes using one rounded teaspoon per cup or mug. Always warm up your teapot first and pour fresh boiled water over the leaves. Try black or with a dash of milk for a refreshing and rejuventating tea experience.
Assam Garden OrganicAssam Garden Organic
Plastic Free
Assam Garden Organic
A very strong, spicy tea with a slightly malty touch and a very dark, brown cup colour. The area of Assam is a high plateau in the North-East of India on both sides of the river Brahmaputra. Our tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic tea growing. A superb Assam tea that can be drunk throughout the day, with a dash of milk. Perfect in the afternoon with a slice of cake. Bulk...
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Traditional English OrganicTraditional English Organic
Traditional English Organic
If you need a strong cup of tea, this is it. The brew is quite dark and really tastes best with some milk. Brew a rounded teaspoon for each cup or mug for 3 - 4 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot for the best taste.
Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Darjeeling Tea OrganicRonnefeldt Teavelope® Darjeeling Tea Organic
Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Darjeeling Tea Organic
A Certified Organic delicious summer quality tea. Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness. Brewing time 3-4 minutes