Since 1963, Virojanglor is a pioneer in manufacturing decorated metal boxes.

This family company’s particularity is to have constantly evolved and developed moulds and manufacturing techniques that allow it to defy all kind of constraints: forms, embossment, and printing.

In early 2010, Virojanglor launches its brand ‘Metal Box Manufacture by Virojanglor’ with more than 50 metal storage items in the range. All of them 100% recyclable for the kitchen, the house or the bathroom.

The brand offers a large range of design metal objects – 100% recyclable – to decorate, store or even preserve food.

Metal Box Manufacture offers you innovative creations that will certainly find, a place in your home.

From the living room to the bathroom, the collections of Metal Box Manufacture will come ino your home for making your daily life more enjoyable.


Espresso Coffee Capsule
Tea Caddy
Tall tin especially for espresso coffee capsules Dimensions: 29cm (h) x 8.4cm (w) x 8.4cm (d)     
Was £10.20 Now £6.20
So British Bus
Tea Caddy
Tin with traditional London bus design with a glossy finish Designed to hold anything from sugar to pasta. Dimensions: 24.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £15.40 Now £9.20

Volumetric Square XS
Tea Caddy
Stylish square caddy featuring embossed numbers Dimensions: XS 10.2cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 9.5cm (d)  
Was £12.00 Now £7.20
My Beautiful Pet
Tea Caddy
A modern caddy, perfect for any cat or dog lover Dimensions: 19.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £10.80 Now £6.50

Herbal Infusion Tall
Tea Caddy
Embossed camomile flowers decorate this tin very elegantly Dimensions: 24.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d)
Was £14.90 Now £8.90
Herbal Infusion Square Small
Tea Caddy
Tea caddy with embossed mint leaves and a deep gloss Stores up to 200g of tea Dimensions: 9.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £9.50 Now £5.70

Herbal Infusion
Sugar Box
An attractive sugar box embossed with sugar canes Designed for sugar but has multiple uses Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 19.5cm (w) x 13cm (d)   
Was £12.80 Now £7.70

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