Since 1963, Virojanglor is a pioneer in manufacturing decorated metal boxes.

This family company’s particularity is to have constantly evolved and developed moulds and manufacturing techniques that allow it to defy all kind of constraints: forms, embossment, and printing.

In early 2010, Virojanglor launches its brand ‘Metal Box Manufacture by Virojanglor’ with more than 50 metal storage items in the range. All of them 100% recyclable for the kitchen, the house or the bathroom.

The brand offers a large range of design metal objects – 100% recyclable – to decorate, store or even preserve food.

Metal Box Manufacture offers you innovative creations that will certainly find, a place in your home.

From the living room to the bathroom, the collections of Metal Box Manufacture will come ino your home for making your daily life more enjoyable.


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Definition Round 100g
A chic glossy round caddy featuring script text. Stores up to 100g of tea. Dimensions: 9.5cm (h) x 9.5cm (diameter)
Was £5.50 Now £4.40
Espresso Coffee Capsule Containers Rectangular
Tall tin especially for espresso coffee capsules Dimensions: 29cm (h) x 8.4cm (w) x 8.4cm (d)     
Was £10.20 Now £6.20

So British Bus Square
Tin with traditional London bus design with a glossy finish Designed to hold anything from sugar to pasta. Dimensions: 24.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £15.40 Now £9.20
Volumetric Square XS
Stylish square caddy featuring embossed numbers Dimensions: XS 10.2cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 9.5cm (d)  
Was £12.00 Now £7.20

My Beautiful Pet
A modern caddy, perfect for any cat or dog lover Dimensions: 19.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £10.80 Now £6.50
Herbal Infusion Tall
Embossed camomile flowers decorate this tin very elegantly Dimensions: 24.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d)
Was £14.90 Now £8.90

Herbal Infusion Square Small
Tea caddy with embossed mint leaves and a deep gloss Stores up to 200g of tea Dimensions: 9.5cm (h) x 10.2cm (w) x 10.2cm (d) 
Was £9.50 Now £5.70
Herbal Infusion Sugar Box
An attractive sugar box embossed with sugar canes Designed for sugar but has multiple uses Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 19.5cm (w) x 13cm (d)   
Was £12.80 Now £7.70

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