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Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second FlushRonnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second Flush
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second Flush
This black tea comes from a well known tea garden in North Valley in the heart of Darjeeling. The slow growth of the shrubs at the cool higher altitudes of this Himalayan plantation, produces a harvest of the finest quality - a highly aromatic, spicy, slightly sweet tea A full-bodied and aromatic second flush tea that tastes good even with hard water.
Ronnefeldt Jasmine Xian YuRonnefeldt Jasmine Xian Yu
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Jasmine Xian Yu
Flavoured green tea with jasmine taste. 2 Star gold award winner at the Great Taste Awards 2010 read more. Freshly picked jasmine blossoms lend this tea its wonderfully delicate, famous, sweet and flowery character.
Ronnefeldt Assam BoisahabiRonnefeldt Assam Boisahabi
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Assam Boisahabi
A deep brown healthy sized leaf with many golden tips creating a wonderful aroma A delight for every Assam lover or new comers to this variety of tea A pleasure for experienced tea lovers and for beginners
Ronnefeldt Assam Ginger OrangeRonnefeldt Assam Ginger Orange
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Assam Ginger Orange
Intense, sweet blood orange and subtly spicy ginger on full-bodied Assam
Ronnefeldt Sleep WellRonnefeldt Sleep Well
Ronnefeldt Sleep Well
A soothing, calming and relaxing herbal infusion with hints of caramel, blended with vitamin rich South African rooibos and other herbs that are relaxing and naturally caffeine free. A infusion that makes you relaxed and sleepy.
Ronnefeldt Masala ChaiRonnefeldt Masala Chai
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Masala Chai
Black Assam tea with spices This exotic, spicy tea from India is both mysterious and delicious. If you like you can enjoy this with milk and sugar.
Irish Malt Chocolate
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Irish Malt Chocolate
The extravagant flavour of Irish whisky with a hint of cocoa blended with a amazing black teas from India, Ceylon and China - delicious.
Ronnefeldt Rooibos Chocolate TruffleRonnefeldt Rooibos Chocolate Truffle
Ronnefeldt Rooibos Chocolate Truffle
Lovely earthy South African Rooibos with its natural vanilla background is enhanced with sweet chocolate truffle notes. Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate without the guilt.
Ronnefeldt SenchaRonnefeldt Sencha
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Ronnefeldt Sencha
Sencha is the most popular everyday cup of tea in Japan. It is known for its large leaf and they typical slightly grassy taste.
Ronnefeldt Rhubarb-Cream (Grannys Garden)Ronnefeldt Rhubarb-Cream (Grannys Garden)
Best Seller
Ronnefeldt Rhubarb-Cream (Grannys Garden)
A fruity, fresh rhubarb blend rounded off with a delicate sweetness
Ronnefeldt PeppermintRonnefeldt Peppermint
Best Seller
Ronnefeldt Peppermint
A cool refreshing caffeine free infusion made from Peppermint leaves. Peppermint has a pure natural menthol like character that refreshes and relaxes. Delicious after food