Fruit Infusion

Few would dispute the claim that a cup of tea is one of the most refreshing drinks you can enjoy, and that’s especially the case with our range of fruit infusion wellness teas.

These deliver a flavoursome way of keeping your body hydrated, as well as offering a welcome hit of vitamins and minerals. With varieties like Ronnefeldt Apple Dreams, Ronnefeldt Festive Delight and Ronnefeldt Rhubarb Cream (Granny’s Garden) on offer, there is sure to be something for those who enjoy traditional fruit flavours.

If you seek a fruit infusion that offers a bit of extra bounce, you could try a variety like Ronnefeldt Copa Cobana, Ronnefeldt Fit and Fruit, or Ronnefeldt Olympic Star (Sport Cup).


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Ronnefeldt Top Three Wellness TeasRonnefeldt Top Three Wellness Teas
Ronnefeldt Top Three Wellness Teas
A set of three of our popular wellness teas. This comprises of: - Best balance - Feel relaxed - Good vitality Save 5% when buying these teas together.