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Assam Tea CapsulesAssam Tea Capsules
Assam Tea Capsules
Assam tea pods Compatible with Nespresso® machines Spicy, powerful black tea with a well-balanced, malty note. Pack of 10 capsules
Earl Grey Tea CapsulesEarl Grey Tea Capsules
Earl Grey Tea Capsules
Earl Grey tea pods Compatible with Nespresso® machines Black tea with citrussy bergamot notes Pack of 10 capsules

Ginger & Lemon Breeze Tea CapsulesGinger & Lemon Breeze Tea Capsules
Ginger & Lemon Breeze Tea Capsules
Ginger & Lemon tea pods Compatible with Nespresso® machines Fruity lemon with spicy ginger, powerful and naturally caffeine-free Pack of 10 capsules
Green Tea with Mango & Passionfruit Tea CapsulesGreen Tea with Mango & Passionfruit Tea Capsules
Green Tea with Mango & Passionfruit Tea Capsules
Green Tea pods Compatible with Nespresso® machines Green tea with mango & passionfruit flavouring Pack of 10 capsules

Peppermint Heaven Tea CapsulesPeppermint Heaven Tea Capsules
Peppermint Heaven Tea Capsules
Peppermint tea pods Compatible with Nespresso® machines Pure peppermint - naturally caffeine-free Pack of 10 capsules
Sweet Pommegranate Tea CapsulesSweet Pommegranate Tea Capsules
Sweet Pommegranate Tea Capsules
Sweet Pommegranate® tea pods Compatible with Nespresso machines Fruity and sweet - a naturally caffeine-free fruit infusion Pack of 10 capsules

Six fabulous Ronnefeldt teas are now available as SIMPLICITEA® Nespresso® compatible tea capsules.

Choose from:

My Strong Assam Swing

A strong black tea with a spicy and malty taste. Delicious to drink with our without milk.


Let yourself be stolen away into a fairytale-like garden.
Sit on the swing under the largest tree with its deep-green leaves.
Like a featherweight, you‘re flying up to the skies.
Enjoy the motion, the feeling of freedom − and the full-bodied
taste of your cup of tea on your tongue.






My Earl Grey Break

A bold black tea wih the citrus taste of fresh bergamot.

My Earl Grey Break




You‘re enjoying a walk through a beautiful park.
You see birds splashing in the water, gently fragrant
flowers, the glittering rays of the sun. A feeling of
longing surrounds you. At the end of the path
someone you love is sitting on a bench, waiting
for you. Just like your aromatic cup of tea.





My Tropical Green Tea Float

Fresh green tea blended carefully with mango and passion fruit.

My Tropical Green Tea FLoat


You‘re sitting in a small, wooden boat, drifting along.
Feel how the sun is kissing your skin, listen to the
gentle splish-splash of the water and let your
thoughts run free. Enjoy the motion, the feeling of
freedom − and the tropical taste of your cup of tea
on your tongue.




My Fresh Peppermint Heaven

Pure and fresh peppermint creates a highly aromatic caffeine-free infusion
My Fresh Peppermint Heaven


You‘re climbing into the basket
of a sky-blue hot air balloon. You
let your mind relax, you‘re rising
up to the heavens and the world
underneath you is getting
smaller. Breathe in deeply and
enjoy the gentle wind, the
feeling of being free − and the
fresh taste of your cup of tea
on your tongue.



My Ginger & Lemon Breeze

Fruity, fresh lemon and the spicy, tingly heat of ginger combine to make a delicious and naturally caffeine-free infusion.

My Ginger & Lemon Breeze



You‘re lying in a flowery meadow, set among
rolling hills. In the distance the sails of an
old windmill are turning. Let your
thoughts follow the circles of these
sails. Breathe in deeply, enjoy this
feeling of freedom and endlessness
together with the here and
now − and the taste of your
delicious cup of tea.


 My Sweet Pomegranite Delight

Sweet juicy pomegranite makes a truly refreshing frui infusion

My Sweet Pommegranite Delight


You´re strolling through the
streets of a romantic village,
where time seems to stand
still. The final rays of the sun
tickle your nose and you can see
the first gentle flickering of the
street lamps. You enjoy the light
evening breeze – and the enticing
taste of your cup of tea on your


Use just like a coffee capsule

BUT VERY IMPORTANT - Remove the protective film cover before placing in the machine

Press the Lungo button for a regular, perfect tea or infusion.



Which capsule machines are the Ronnefeldt tea capsules suited for?

SIMPLICITEA® tea capsules are suited for Nespresso® coffee machines*. The pre-portioned amount of tea is perfectly matched to the Nespresso® Lungo (110 ml) size.


What do you have to keep in mind before preparing the teas?

The flavourseal on the top of the tea capsule has to be removed before preparation. Only in this way can the functionality of your Nespresso® coffee machine and the optimum quality of the tea be ensured.


Why is there a flavour seal on the tea capsules?

The flavour seal protects the tea against environmental influences –so that you can be assured of enjoying the Ronnefeldt quality you are accustomed to.


Will the tea flavour be affected by using the machine with coffee capsules at the same time?

No! Using coffee and tea one after the other is easily possible and does not change the tea flavour. The short outlet tap and the pressure of 19 bar (276 psi) makes it possible.


Is it necessary to clean the machine each time before using the tea capsules?

Please rinse the machine with water after each use. We further recommend cleaning your machine daily. Rinse the water tank and empty the capsule container and drip tray daily.


Different kinds of tea have different steeping times. How can it be ensured that the tea will still develop its full flavour?

The tea varieties have been specially developed with care, time and effort for the Nespresso® machine. The pressure of up to 19 bar (276 psi) makes it possible that the fannings and fine cut qualities can develop their full flavour despite the lack of brewing time.


How do I dispose of my tea capsules?

We attach great importance to remaining faithful to Ronnefeldt’s sustainability concept. For this reason, the used capsules should be disposed of in an appropriate recycling bin



* Trademark of a company that has no links to J.T. Ronnefeldt KG or to Cup of Tea Ltd

You will not be dissapointed with any of of the SIMPLICITEA teas. Chosen from the very best orthodox produced teas and infusions, for the the first time you can experience Ronnefeldt quality via your Nespresso® machine.

There are six varieties to choose from. It's impossible to say which one is best because they are all delicious and using a Nespresso® machine makes the brewing process simple and almost instant.

We especially like the Ginger & Lemon Breeze. It's powerful & spicy with a single lungo shot but add an extra espresso shot and you'll get a refreshing, spicy and slightly longer drink.

For fruit tea fans, the Pommegranite is a fruity sweet revelation. The brew is deep red with lots of fruit power.

For a regular cup of tea, with our without milk, Assam is perfect. The tea is strong and black and is great with milk and sugar if needed. We found it is possible to add a second water shot through the same capsule if you prefer your tea longer or perhaps not quite so strong. Either way this a a superb all-day tea.